e-mergence (- is a phenomenon whereby larger entities arise through interactions among smaller or simpler entities such that the larger entities exhibit properties the smaller/simpler entities do not exhibit.)


merging. this is the theme, this is what we have been working up to. this is what we have been experiencing, energetically, at our cellular level. the effects of the merging are what we have been feeling mentally, emotionally and physically. this has taken many to feel anguish, displaying illnesses which have no medical explanation, loss of old ways of being, appearing so deeply changed families are distraught with fear, as well as, many loving, light filled beings have chosen to go home through suicide – for the staying here was simply too painful, too harsh, too exhausting. many souls have gone into caves of there own creating in order to walk through this metamorphosis; not unlike a butterfly coming from their own (self created) cocoon.

it requires an inexhaustible amount of faith in God, in good, to stay through this profound time in our existence. i truly can see, and i believe, everyone is doing the best they believe they can.

some may see this journey, as the Christ has been emerging through individuals to offer love as the collective energy.

you can describe this transformation in many different ways, in words which align with your present vibration: merging head with heart, merging higher self with lower, merging the Light with the lack, divine feminine & divine masculine, merging intellect with knowing or educated mind with intuition. no matter the description which is aligned with your own being-ness in order to gain an understanding, the outcome is the same; no more separation, duality be gone; Oneness.

presently we are in the strongest, most viable space of being vibration-ally aware that we have ever been. we are seeking full union with one another. we are requiring full disclosures and equanimity due to knowing we are equal, we are each a spark of creation. we are ‘fighting’ to live the truth; what is good for you is good for me, what harms you, harms me. we are now in a space of absolute unconditional love. being in this space means, the overlay of the universe supports this – that as we evolved, so did the cosmic overlay of the planet; it is a joint venture, one cannot do it without the other. symbiotic.

symbiotic is a necessary tool, in our individual expansion as well as the planet. communities, individuals, families, countries, civilizations; there is eternally these symbiotic relationships between expressions of light & dark. one does not become fearless and fabulous, strong and courageous, at home with self and peaceful; without being pushed, made uncomfortable, squeezed. one is not birthed without going thru a very tight and dis-pleasurable tunnel!

in our visions of Oneness, each experience is as highly appreciated as the other. each relationship is deeply appreciated for being part of the fabric of our existence. each moment is consciously appreciated. we now are able to see from, through & as our heart centers……and we have to, for nothing else feels good.

i love you – may your day be filled with peace, awareness & kindness,



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