right here, right now

Within our physical bodies is all that we require. We arrive here in wholeness – yet the gifts continually unwrap as we grow along.

“All you need is already within you, only you must approach yourself with reverence and love. Self-condemnation and self-distrust are grievous errors. Your constant flight from pain and search for pleasure is a sign of love you bear for yourself, all I plead with you is this: make love of yourself perfect. Deny yourself nothing — glue yourself infinity and eternity and discover that you do not need them; you are beyond.” Nisargadatta Maharaj

We can see and feel this wholeness right now – not after we read one more book, or attain more certifications, or studies, labels, degrees or mind knowledge – but right now. This magnificent Isness called Life, this power and presence of existence many call God, this cosmic sea we each are a drop of, were created from, in the likeness of…..growing along is nothing more than becoming aware of – do not wait one more moment. Now.

Love your self free of any false claims. You are not your mind; you are precious and magnificent consciousness, residing in this vehicle of a body, experiencing life. Consciousness…….love. Love which is aligned with and carries the energies of wisdom, intelligence, zeal, joy, discernment, imagination, faith. There is a holy order to this universe, to all of it.Love is that which all good emanates from.
Many of us have witnessed the harm not feeling loved does. It truly is the only wound we witness. When one does not know they are loved, they will act out in any of hundreds of unawake manners – crying out to feel love. Abuse of all kinds, harming another or self, judging, ridiculing, yelling, shutting down, addictions, running away from life in any way shape or form in order to live the lie; i am not loved.
Precious love. Magnificent, powerful love in the most unconditional form; God. You were loved before you were born and you will be love after you leave your physical body. Look into eyes, feel the interior life of a being, love upon yourself, sit and feel the presence and power which is your true eternal self – now – and that feeling, that knowledge, that awareness of love exponentially radiates to all around you; in kindness, integrity, caring, compassion and  the understanding that; we are consciousness in this form, revealing love on earth.
with great love, deborah

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