Fear Blindness

Truly, fear shuts out opportunity. Our perception is fixed on seeing the world or an experience one way, a situation one way, a specific something – and all else in Gods Kingdom is outside that boundary; we miss so much. In fear we are blind to Gods abundance, love & Grace.

When we allow our minds to lead us, when we think we KNOW….how can anything else enter? We are only holding one door open, one window, a one way street – when there are thousands of other ways – but we will miss them. We are taught to think, to learn, to gain knowledge…in this society, to figure things out, to set up what we want and hold our intentions to that – is that not egoistic? Are we setting ourselves up to miss what God may have for us?

What does it take to walk openly and be with God, to see from our hearts, not our minds?

It takes practice. This is why we meditate, sit in silence, develop our personal relationship with the Supreme Beingness and Isness called Life. We are building our faith through a personal awareness of Spirit, the Consciousness which I AM. We learn to trust.

One of my favorite guideposts to offer folks who are seeking to let go of control in their lives is to clear their day, get in their car and drive. No set tasks, none at all, to no where. Go on roads you have never been. Do not ask a friend, do not meet anyone, stop to eat at a new place, get out and walk. Sit by a river – a place which is new, not familiar. No PLANS, just get in your car and drive. No GPS. No specific time you have to be home, make plans for family members; YOU – go.

To see life from ones heart, in Trust with that which is greater than i – all which you already are is revealed.

It gets more and more difficult for it to be acceptable to be present. Technology allows people to be acceptably (if not rudely) distracted.

You need to do nothing else but be in silence for a bit each day, commune with self and Self; and stay. No distraction area! All one needs one already has, one needs to simply step into it, shutting the door on the distractions; and be. Life will change from THAT space.

I promise.

with great Love, Deborah

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