House of Mirrors

Some moments i can see we live in a house of mirrors. Yes, like a fun house, (am i dating myself?  ) where each step and each turn we keep seeing  ourselves – not always presented in ways we like or appreciate, many times causing us to feel uncomfortable in our own skin.

Life is that fun house. Each day we come up ‘against’ ourselves. Each relationship, each experience, each conversation; if we seek, we can see ourselves. If we have the courage, the curiosity, the faith; we look. When we are honest, we truly see.

Many times the reflection is distorted, like around that corner where we look 400 pounds…that mirror. The reflection is rarely perfect. Perhaps we only see a tiny bit of ourselves in another, or perhaps their anger is an old facet which is still healing, or maybe the other person is reflecting our deepest fears to us, or if we are open to love; perhaps they are reflecting our heart to us?

Some days we have our dreams reflected back to us, our kindness, our caring. Some days we have our distrust, our rigidness, our lack of empathy reflected back to us.

Life is the grand house of mirrors ( To change the reflection, change your self.

with great love, Deborah

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