receptive or resistant ?

‘Your life is tailored made for your awakening…but personal perceptions of view misses the beauty….’  — Mooji Baba

‘Nothing is an obstacle but our own thinking, our own arrogance and our own stubbornness with identity…’ — and once again, dear Mooji Baba

Freedom is truly what we seek. Everyone is seeking freedom – when i have that, or this goes away, or i am in love, or that job or this is painful i want to go home……………..or out of this traffic, or away from them or whatever it is; from the mind/ego/personal view – escape-ism is the dream. This causes resistance.

In resistance we are in pain, discomfort, weariness, depression, anxious, sad, troubled. In a state of resistance we are believing the temporary to be the All.

In receptiveness we are centered in the literal Allness of life which has no boundaries and is changeless. In receptiveness we are only in the presence with no thought or view of past or future; for the present fills us with absolute joy which is changeless and absolute.

The joy the Jesus, Buddha, Yogananda and other givers of Truth have shared transcends religion; the Truth is for humanity.

The paradox for the seeker is the path of seeking begins outside of oneself, for the mind is leading………… others, to workshops, to books, to certificates, to classes, to knowledge – and eventually leads one back to Oneself, to the absolute & changeless interior knowing of Love – and thereby; in reception.

Which came first? The knowing or the reception? Do all remnants of identity have to be vanished in order to reach knowing? OR do we reach knowing and all aspects of identity vanish?

Ah, for the love of the journey!

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