mad or distant?

a quote came across my FB page this morning; ‘when i get mad, i get distant’. and this hit right in the midst of my heart. truth. palpable. truth.

there is no mad with me, or with other intuits, empaths, sensitives i know; there is only DISTANT. it is the natural way for when an alignment is energetically disconnected. the cords which held one with another being are severed; not because it was wanted, or wished or prayed for; not because there was anger; but because the connection was no longer. and perhaps discord happened to cause this, but energetically speaking,  the chicken or the egg; which comes first; the discord or the distance?  the separation or the distant-ness?

if one is mad, they are still connected. there is no distance. the ego is still talking.

recently i had this happen with a loved one. their words upon me and actions caused cords to be severed and from then on; i am distant. or rather, there is a distance, that is more accurate. i still love them, i have forgiven them – but the warmth is gone, the loving connections have been dissolved. my partner thinks i am angry, i am not. i am crucially aware of the distance – for one would not have taken those actions or spoken those words if they were heart centered.

being an empath the energy you offer me is what i commune with. it can be a comment a FB post which comes from ego and WHAM, i am no longer in connection. i am only able to connect with another through ones heart. this does not make life easy, but it does reveal life having value, preciousness and worth.

this distance is not a conscious choice. it is an awareness of, not an action taken. it does not need healing nor does it need to be resolved. it is. it needs to be honored. it wants to be respected, not washed away and forced to be anything but what it is.

much love to you this day, Deborah




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