an open door

i once read that heaven is just a walk through a doorway, and you are there. at this moment in time, the veils are so very thin, i believe it to be so.

the other side, the departed ones, those we call dead; are loud and clear lately. ‘mediumship’ has always been an undercurrent of a gift i was blessed to know.¬† now, it seems to be ramping up a few notches – and how interesting a path it is.

it has not been unusual for me to see souls who are no longer in physical form in our 3d world, (since i was a child) nor unusual to know thoughts of their longing, to read their energy, when meeting a client for healing session. i have always been able to know babes prior to birth, and other, out of this earth plane phenomenon. but now, many souls from the other side are knocking at the door, the clarity is getting sharper each day, and i am certainly ‘never alone’!

i have to get the place straight though. i dislike labels immensely – and heaven, or the other side, bother me. it reeks of separation, when it is simply an alternate realty, so very close. moving to another country. i have done all i can here, now i am moving there.

my path has caused me to be speechless much of the time, for not embodying language to describe separation, when being here on earth only feels like separation! i believe those who practice their gifts of no separation each see differently. for me, i have a vision, a picture one may say is in my mind, but it is not, it is to my left. (unless they join me in my living room, they love our living room.) some may interpret it being a screen, but for me it is a floating sphere of another reality. (or, sitting in my purple chair in our living room) many times i ‘think’ the picture. i know, makes no sense. perhaps feel the picture is clearer. yes, i feel the picture of a soul.

i will say our loved ones love to connect with us. the reason an interpreter helps, is when we are in our human grief, from being attached to form, (believing we are our bodies) they cannot make contact. so, an interpreter if you will, one who can bridge the worlds for you and simply offer you messages helps to lay the ground work for those left here on earth to first, believe! to second, know love is never ending. to thirdly, learn there is NO separation and no such thing as death….we simply move to another part of the universe.

i have always wanted to be a working ‘medium’. i have, my whole life, felt that being an interpreter, (what i am choosing to call it) , offers such deep and full and all encompassing love to those left here in body. to be deep in grief, and then to realize your loved ones are here, with you, watching, loving you, living in another place, still doing their work, ……that they are NOT gone from this life, that life continues on; well, i think that is most beautiful of messages we can offer another being.

Heaven Is Beautiful – the book.

Have you ever had a love affair with a book? I do, all the time. My present book is HEAVEN IS BEAUTIFUL, by Peter Baldwin Panagore. I feel about this book¬† and the sharing of his words and his story the same way we want to protect a new love..keep it close, no sharing yet, make sure its real before too much talk BUT I want to shout it from the roof tops!!!! Yes, all my clients, students, beloveds, those who know me; buy this book. Read it. Hold it close…and you too – read this book.

PBP shares a story that happened many years ago, when he died, went to heaven’s doorway, communicated with God and chose to come back. As my girlfriend said yesterday, ‘i have read all about near death experiences’. Yes, so have I, but this one IS different, I promise. He wasn’t near – he died.

It is his description of heaven that got me. I knew from my own feelings, my own experiences, my own heart; this is real. He speaks of not being fully connected here, how a part of him is not present, how much he wants to go home, how unattached he is to here. He speaks of God in mystical sensing – wordlessness. He speaks of how we are souls first and bodies second. His language about God will cause your heart memory to vibrate and your soul to remember HOME.

And then right near the end when i thought i was going to burst open with so many rich, delicate awesome God moments of Love, he mentions one of my favorite monastery’s, which is near where I live, where i have been several times, enjoyed chatting with the monks and praying in the church.

If you are afraid of death, read this book.

If you are curious about death, read this book.

If you yearn for home, read this book.

If you are an outdoors-man/woman ice rock climber – read this book.

With love, Deborah