What’s happening with my planets????

As i have previously stated, i look under all rocks for understanding. Also, i have not hid the fact that the past few years have been ‘challenging’; another words, lots and lots and lots of shifts, changes, revealing, and non nonsensical awareness’s; since my husband and i moved to our new location and home.

The past few months have revealed physical symptoms which reflect exhaustion and total changes in what i want to  do and do not want to do; who i have been and who i have become, what i like and what i do not like. Now, none of this can be seen; it has all been an inside job! This experience is present on a deeply personal level; as my intuition, prophecy,  and healing skills increased. I always know God is at work and good is present. My story is consistent;  I am woman of deep faith – and still……the holy waters shift, take me higher, hold me lower, have their way with me as i move through spiritual growth and my awareness of pure consciousness is revealed. I do not panic, or have anything outside of love be my story or my jumping off point….BUT as i said, i am always looking under rocks to understand more.

The icing on this season of my journey happened yesterday, with a phone appointment with my astrologer, who is my nephew. Yesterday was my day to receive his knowledgeable blessings.

When i initially reached out to him, i stated that since we moved here i have felt walls preventing me. I was intuiting that astrologically there would be an explanation, for intelligently, grounded wise; nothing was ‘making sense’. I had no other explanation for choices other than; i do not feel it.  I had been  plunked up by my wings, landed in a new area, and now what? I felt like i do not belong, have no friends, cannot find community; blah, blah, blah.

The conversation we had lasted one hour and began with him saying, there is so much happening here, i do not know where to  begin and ended with; Aunt Debbie, i want you to know, any other astrologer would have looked at your chart and had empathy for all you have gone through.

I got what I needed AND wanted – more understanding of these walls i felt, indecision i was experiencing and had to be okay with, at one point he said, this particular aspect caused you to feel like you are an alien in your new town, you could not belong………..i had three major experiences of planets on planets (the way i describe it!) causing push and pulling…it went on and on. I felt such relief! I knew i was not crazy – that something else was at work here. AND all of it, pushing me, taking me to my highest spiritual potential!

Through my journey, i  often seek to know what is happening planetary wise, in order to hear at another level what i am already aware of/feeling. There is a facet of, oh, i am not imagining this, it is grounded in the planets – which i find quite comforting.

Here are two choices for astrologers i recommend:

If you are a client, friend or beloved  of mine i will joyfully refer you to my nephew.



Shared with love and faith,


One thought on “What’s happening with my planets????

  1. I love that you used the metaphor for “looking under rocks” for more answers, since several of the planets are just that – rock! Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Pluto are the rocky ones. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are the gas giants. 🙂

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