Daily Devotion

“There must be a change in consciousness before there can be a change in your outer experience. When you turn to a meta-physician for help and receive it without having expanded your consciousness; you have been  improved through his/her spiritual unfoldment. Sooner or later, in order to hold your good, you will have to realize your God-being; you will have to cultivate a spiritual sense of existence. Your good must come to you as the result of the activity of your own consciousness.” – Joel S. Goldsmith

One of my many great joys is when a long term client no longer needs to come – oh, they check in, perhaps on birthdays, or once a season – but they have developed their own relationship with God and no longer need to go through me – and that is a beautiful gift – to witness such awakening, growth and awareness in another being.

This personal relationship with God only comes through devotion; through making time, putting God first, listening, listening, listening. This comes from doing ones own work – reading, journaling, interior dialogue, morning readings of spiritual texts, contemplation, meditation, prayer time, going to church, finding community; not only with a yogi guiding you.

A shift in consciousness in awareness of our Oneness shifts everything! It is exciting to think others are shifting and then it is so heart opening to witness others make daily commitment in the silence; to hear the still small voice.

I had a client come to once and it was obvious she could not hear the silence. Trying to figure out how to change everyone in your life so you will feel better is not the road of healing. She wanted to come back, she wanted me to fix her – I said okay, but please go home and meditate every day for one month, then call me. I will be happy to see you then. No, she never came back. Those whose hearts are not open will  not hear the silence of love. Those whose hearts are aligned in pure consciousnesses of unconditional love, can only hear in silence.

It does not matter how many psychics, intuitive, readers, different churches or healers, you go to. Until you are willing to be as committed to your heart awakening to pure consciousness as a yogi would be for you; your gerbil wheel will keep turning.

shared with great love, Deborah

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