each day a new year


SOOoooooo much on my heart, many days it feels unmanageable – oh, right, it is. Recently i have been critically aware of all of me; the minister, healer, counselor, wife, mother, empty-nester, woman, teacher, artist, writer, empath, intuitive, housekeeper, meditator, mediator, cook, errand goer, note writer, FB manager, blog neglector, cool aunt, weird great aunt, gift giver,  holiday officinado,  bill payer, friend, bathtub cleaner, phone caller, appointment keeper, cheerleader to many, lover of the woods, gazer of the Light, lover of candles and all things which sparkle, life partner, organizer, self doubter, vacuum queen, waterer of plants, washer of floors, maker of beds, HGTV covetor, real estate dreamer, house/home junkie, prayer warrior, church lover, woman of God, believer in Jesus, student of life, movie goer, hostess with the mostess, decent cook, decorator, laundry queen, gardener, many days a tear jerking princess, (is there no end to the faucet of the heart?), a woman who is aging, and feeling the limitations of my body, a half sister, a sister, a little sister  no matter how old i get, a painter and one who ultimately loves to love and seeks holy connection everywhere. Yup, that’s a good surmise.

I have three facebook pages. Why? (and a blog and a website). Why can I not put ALL of me on just one FB page? Why does Deborah the artist and RevDeb the minister, just be part of Deborah Evans Hogan on Facebook? I wonder this every day. Am I afraid i will offend someone with my deep faith, so i keep it separate???? What do you think?

Anyways, i am obviously feeling a bit compartmentalized, (ya’ think?) which goes against my soul. I am going to use this blog to be woefully honest me. A gift to myself. Maybe you can relate.

We are each so many things, its good remember that, so we never judge another on just one aspect or facet of them we see.

Each day a new. With great love & appreciation,

Deborah Evans Hogan

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