Health Holi-ness

The perfection, or rather the Divinity in all things is truly amazing. I am one of those that seeks to see all the connections, where the dots lead…what is the larger picture.

Recently I have had a medical diagnosis of shoulder adhesion’s. I read what mainstream medicine  had to say about them and listened to my chiropractor and sports medicine physician. The line which caught my heart in this search was, more women than men, mostly over 50, and there is no apparent medical reason. And the one day, they go away as quickly as they appeared.  They speak of sadness, exhaustion and women diving into depression due to lack of sleep due to the pain.

The ‘no apparent reason’ caused my metaphysical and emotional beliefs and knowledge in wellness care to light up. I have been a holistic practitioner for 30 years. I rarely seek main stream medical intervention. I get a diagnosis, see my chiropractor, do prayer & Louis Hay affirmations and soul seeking as to the emotional root, seek REIKI & hands on energy healing work and/or then acupuncture. And i listen for Gods guidance.

What i have learned; the pain in my arm radiating from the shoulder area is the large intestine meridian.(Believe me, each point has spoken to me!) This is about transformation, letting go & grief. Excellent article:

Louise Hay: “Shoulder, represent our ability to carry our experiences joyously. We make life a burden by our attitude.” (Heal Your Life)

What i know is, a physical imbalance presenting, is never about that (this case an arm) – which is presenting – the physical manifestation of an emotional root – and as much work, teaching, knowledge and study as i have done, as many other diagnosis and imbalances i have ‘healed’ through non mainstream beliefs, (in self and clients) i remain amazed and in awe of the Divine perfection of which I AM. My body, our bodies; the holy compass to our freedom.

This holy compass was showing me dreams, desires, other body symptoms, emotions, conversations, those i was drawing to me (reflections) – all which have to do with letting go of the past & grief. I am in awe as i ponder all the road signs!

Louise Hay’s explanation is VERY accurate for me. I have NOT been in joy, carrying the weight of this move from all I know to this vacant experience. For 60 years i had lived within a half hour of where i was born, for 30 years i had a very successful ministry, well known for my work, doing everything from TV to healing centers to church, and now i was feeling bad for myself that i had to begin again, advertise, sell myself. I have cried each day since my last (weekly) acupuncture treatment, (the dam broke)  – i have spoken my truth of my sadness rooted in a move my husband and i made almost three years ago to a new town. I love our home, but am living like a monk and feel uprooted from all which was familiar to me. I am most certainly a stranger in a strange land. Life has been stagnant, as i hold onto the past. Also, this is the left arm, where we receive from. AND last month i began new prosperity work! Everything connected!!!!

Have i made an effort; yes i have. (Three churches, trying a new one this weekend….placing my art in local shops, etc.) Can i do more; yes. But, the piece for me is, as beautiful as it is in our new town, i feel no heart connections, no same language connections. I have not one heart centered friend. For one who lives for those, it is quite alone. ( I also have had empty nest experience of my only child moving to the mid west from our home.)

As I am now seeing and feeling my body heal, more acupuncture treatments to come, i am doing two things: giving consideration that these medically unexplained shoulder adhesion’s the mainstream world sees, are the all the grief and letting go women DO; empty nest, poor diet effects it too, marriages dissolving, and watching our lives age as our dreams are still dreams. Re-read Louise Hays description of the emotional root of shoulder issues………and consider mainstreams words, not knowing a medical explanation, mostly women over 50….

I recently wrote a  piece about the heart of a woman, (another divine  connection & sign on this road map of healing!) and i recently made strides in my work load, my purpose…..and i now have new ideas coming through, and my relationship with Jesus has gotten WAY stronger! I can see how my body has been holding onto this grief and how i have to let go of the past and bring all of me to right here, right now!

So, what have I done in the physical? First off, i have made a promise to myself to give this area where we are living my all; in advertising, making connections, attempting more community. I took ALL photographs of our old home off my phone. There were many! I certainly can hold the love for our previous home in my heart, just not in my head. I will jump – each day, looking for openings and places to be me.

I love Chinese medicine, and IT has always supported me to create health holi-ness within my body ( i am 62) – as the respect to our organs all having a Divine connection – a Divine perfection, intelligence if you will. The Great Architect NEW what He/She was doing! I am deeply grateful. I  do not see how i would have gotten to the seed of this issue, not letting go…grief, lack of joy; without the wisdom of my acupuncturist.

I was recently gifted a book which was about faith in God and where we are placed – but the person had no idea that is what it is about! (Joanna and Chip Gaines – Fixer Upper) It is inspiring. I also went to the library and was guided to the new books…and yes, another inspirational book for JUMPING (Steve Harvey) and casting our nets in faith!  God has this!!! I just have to be willing to show up.

I hope you if you have not yet done so, or if you already know all this, but may have forgotten to tune in (like me!)  – that you remember that your body is not separate from your mind, your heart, your emotions. That you remember that ancient wisdom is our basic knowledge, a long term strength our ancestors and lifetimes before us already carved out of the ether’s. Any physical symptom or diagnosis is always a tangible expression of a deeply rooted emotion, trying to get our attention.

The shift is on!  Thank you God for our Divine Perfection.

each day a new year


SOOoooooo much on my heart, many days it feels unmanageable – oh, right, it is. Recently i have been critically aware of all of me; the minister, healer, counselor, wife, mother, empty-nester, woman, teacher, artist, writer, empath, intuitive, housekeeper, meditator, mediator, cook, errand goer, note writer, FB manager, blog neglector, cool aunt, weird great aunt, gift giver,  holiday officinado,  bill payer, friend, bathtub cleaner, phone caller, appointment keeper, cheerleader to many, lover of the woods, gazer of the Light, lover of candles and all things which sparkle, life partner, organizer, self doubter, vacuum queen, waterer of plants, washer of floors, maker of beds, HGTV covetor, real estate dreamer, house/home junkie, prayer warrior, church lover, woman of God, believer in Jesus, student of life, movie goer, hostess with the mostess, decent cook, decorator, laundry queen, gardener, many days a tear jerking princess, (is there no end to the faucet of the heart?), a woman who is aging, and feeling the limitations of my body, a half sister, a sister, a little sister  no matter how old i get, a painter and one who ultimately loves to love and seeks holy connection everywhere. Yup, that’s a good surmise.

I have three facebook pages. Why? (and a blog and a website). Why can I not put ALL of me on just one FB page? Why does Deborah the artist and RevDeb the minister, just be part of Deborah Evans Hogan on Facebook? I wonder this every day. Am I afraid i will offend someone with my deep faith, so i keep it separate???? What do you think?

Anyways, i am obviously feeling a bit compartmentalized, (ya’ think?) which goes against my soul. I am going to use this blog to be woefully honest me. A gift to myself. Maybe you can relate.

We are each so many things, its good remember that, so we never judge another on just one aspect or facet of them we see.

Each day a new. With great love & appreciation,

Deborah Evans Hogan