What does it mean, “to let it go”?

It is so easy to suggest to a loved one to let it go, step aside, roll with it, or the all time overused; go with the flow. Most people who are in a position to hear this help….cannot find flow anywhere near their lives. A deep breath, a hand over the heart, and an affirmation will offer solace; but letting it go, well that is different.

Letting it go means you no longer seek to control your partners responses, or be concerned with how they re-act to yours. Letting it go is when you unfurl your clasped hands, open your fingers, relax the muscles, state what is your truth (without any apologies) ; and simply move in your other direction. Letting it go means you can say what is in your heart without needing the listener to agree with you. Letting it go is when you can hear what another says, and you are  unattached emotionally, state how you may feel without any self inflicted judgment and move on.

This does not mean you are ignoring anyone. It does mean you are paying attention to your own heart. We can do this when:

1. We have faith that we are guided by a higher power.

2. We have faith that this higher power is accessible to anyone.

Consider that. Surrendering to The Power Greater than i…..and KNOWING they guide us through our intuition, our gut, our feelings; and trusting so much, we take action. Trusting so much, when you awake each day, your God time is your first thing you do every morning! (ok, coffee first.) And now consider KNOWING that every other human you know also has the choice to trust in this guidance or not. Think about it……………….

There is a higher consciousness, an awareness which is at the seed of all life. Do you trust it or not? or do you still feel that you HAVE to make your point? That gets exhausting, yes?

We are each, at every moment, either welcoming God or turning the other way. One way to welcome Holy Spirit in your life is to speak your truth; not yell, force or make anyone wrong in the conversation; simply speak what you are feeling. Go ahead, unfurl your fingers, let go of the reigns, do not judge your own heart, gently flow with your feelings minus any condemnation or blame; one step at a time. Authenticity, try it. Let it go.


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