i am now and forever  convinced and knowing of Godjoy. i have always been a faithful woman, but i have recently had the most beautiful experience of Spirit clearly and undeniably at work – here, present, not only in the house, but in the room. through my many years as an energy healer, intuitive, then minister (and now a word for what i am escapes me)…….i have witnessed Spirit at work, but last week i was given a front row, direct from my heart to Holy Spirit and the world of the palpable Presence. i really do not know words to define it, or express it or share it; i can only hope my enthusiasm comes through this page to you reading it.

when Holy Spirit enters ones presence, all unlike it leaves, is exhumed, is dissolved; there is only love.

be aware, this had to be A LOT – for i have had many, many, many singular experiences – from instantaneous healing, to seeing & communicating with those who have crossed over, to i have met Jesus and spoken with him; (yes, i did just write that). but what i never had the experience of before was that insane joy that rises through every fiber of your being and tears and laughter and wild, awesome, LIFE comes out your pores. in a sweep you are flooded with knowing of such joy, it blows you wide open.

once, many years ago,  i went to a born again church with a friend. it was brand new, just beginning. she is my Godsister and i would go most anywhere with her, if i felt so called. this newly planted church was on the second floor above a bar, in an old mill city. yes, i stated above a not upscale, local for locals bar. dark, dungy, dank.

then, i was in the beginning of my conscious journey, much more rigid, guarded and ‘Waspy’ than i am now; now i am a spiritual Gumby. well, we went in and sat in front of two musicians. there were maybe 12 other folks, in a space of maybe 30 chairs.  these two musicians rocked the house! it was impressive. the twelve others were up, standing, hands in the air, dancing, moving, praising, crying……..and as the hour or so went by,  all this time a man, the preacher, sat to the back of the stage, with his Bible in hand, waiting for his cue from Spirit to step on stage and preach. and he did. i have no recollection of what he said. and people fainted. people laying on the floor, sobbing, laughing. and in the bathroom, on my way out, a woman was sick….but blissfully happy. i had never seen anything like it and as brutally uncomfortable as i was, i loved it!  television healers and preachers, i have always been enamored with,  knowing they were pretending (maybe not all of them, all the time)…bliss, joy, Holy Spirit moments……and i always believed those moments were possible. i always knew, there was some truth, no matter how many times my mother would tell me it was fake, ‘like the roller derby’.

dying daily. we do. we die moment to moment. God chips away at our ego and the Light fills us…one crack at a time, one breath at a time, one shaft, one pain at a time. and it is absolutely the most beautiful experience to feel, have and witness.

Good God, I AM SOOOOOOOOoooooooo in love with God. Ecstasy. it truly is. as we allow Holy Spirit to be what we focus on, center our thoughts upon, fill the room with; we witness the Presence performing miracles! God has this!! whatever it is, as long as you let go and let God. TRUST. Godjoy, nothing like it. nothing comes close….and after moments like that, after a day of working with clients, after being in the palpable presence of Spirit…………….then what?

well, as i said to my Godsister this morning; all is well…i am awaiting my next assignment, and basking in afterglow.


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