a sacred balancing act

balance. at each turn. the masculine & feminine energies create.

as above, so  below.

as within; without.

let the root of your day begin with morning prayer – my beloveds hear this from me ALL the time, i am a broken record – so  be it! a day is action filled, (masculine energies ) being in the outside, exterior world. morning prayer is interior (feminine energies) – it is time of the silence, of the awakening within us of our sacred connection to all, of our own awareness vibrating with the aum……i love walking outside on the earth first thing in the morning – barefoot, aware of mother earth, listening to the birds, noticing the trees, silent gratitude. this fills me, awakens me. i also sit in my room, in silence, reading, contemplating, praying, receiving. if i go out to the world, on any level, even a phone call….before i awaken my heart and the silence with in me…..i will flounder. i know that.

this is an act of balance. without awareness of God, my thoughts can be pulled into the ego realm of fear and materialism – with my  ritual time, i am able to be in the chaos, yet stay aligned with love.

(extreme examples) living too much from the left brain, the divine masculine, or NOT being awake to our right brain, the divine feminine – cause us to be inflexible, rigid, to compartmentalize. we will appear stern, judgemental, afraid. when we only come from our right brain, only awake to our divine feminine, have our left brain asleep …..we may appear wispy, emotional, not of this world, so organically free form we never land.

i have a friend  who is a successful artist. she paints. her balance came when she opened a gallery supporting others as well as herself. this is an excellent example of the balance of mas/fem energies, of using both sides of her brain. art, feminine. business, masculine.

the masculine and feminine also play a role in our health. with a critical diagnosis from a physician, faced with difficult decisions, one is making choices for their body, (Divine Masculine) their psychical instrument and must as well be aware of the spiritual (non physical where the root resides!) facet of their healing – the body represents the physical curing of a symptom which has shown itself – which without seeking balance, without healing the emotional wound (the non physical Divine Feminine) which caused this in the first place……will not heal completely. get to the root. interior.exterior. together. balance.

below is a link for you all who want to seek balance of medication/meditation with your body, and hear what your body is telling you, can read firsthand a woman who is living proof. Denise was diagnosed with 4th stage throat cancer, several years ago…….buy her book.


I have worked with many cancer patients – as a minister, through my private counseling/healing practice as well as three years with hospice. I have known many who have had their body healed through mainstream choices, yet more issues usually follow – I have known many who have completely healed their bodies through the balance of spiritual faith in God PLUS mainstream; a balance – and I have known souls who have fully healed their body through prayer & wholistic / spiritual choices, support of like minded hearts.(including my own)

My 30 years of active experience in spirit health shows me this:

If one does not get to the core emotional issue which is the root cause of the symptom, it will show itself again; somehow. The curing is one thing, (masculine) the healing is another (feminine) .  Medication will shut the symptom down, cover it up…..forgiveness will heal, remove its energy.

Have you seen the person who is angry with the world? Or even just angry at one parent for their entire life? An illness will pop up and mainstream support will hide it for a while, with drugs, invasive this or that….they ‘kick’ it….then a year or so latter……another issue comes up… it comes up again, and again, and again.  Anger, resentment, judgements; those unhealed roots just find a new way to reveal themselves…until they are dissolved through forgiveness & love.

It is true, I agree, sometimes it is just time to ‘let this carnation go’…..other times, we wish to stay in this body for a while longer – consider doing so in joy, so you do not have to be on medications, anti anxiety this or that, other medications this or that…seek the healing of forgiveness – seek to know the root issue which is giving birth to the symptom..this is the power of the Divine Feminine, the deep waters of your soul, of your heart….seek to know thy self.

If this is all new to you, this is  an excellent place to begin:


Do you know the person who eats just right, exercises regularly, looks great, has rigid judgements about this and that and gets cancer? Do you know the women who eats junk, enjoys life, and lives to be 95?  I do.

I send this out to the world with great love for all who it can serve, to read and move forward in their journey.

with great love, Deborah





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