unconditional love in the everyday –

people want to help others. parents want to set their children straight…..friends want to save their wallowing friends from disaster….mates want to direct their mate to do the right thing…….we have a society of caregivers & caretakers……and saviors. this is a very linear and 3d mentality.

this mentality feeds ones own ego, this is the underlying motivation. this keeps YOU in the way of actually being beneficial to a loved one.

we cannot help another. when our children are young, or we are overseeing one who is ill, or dying, or other; then we have been given a role of responsibility – BUT many times, people just get frustrated with others NOT listening to them…as they  repeatedly tell them (we have all heard it, witnessed it..) HOW and WHAT to do. at this time, ones emotional heart is screaming out in fear, (disguised as help) trying to ‘help’ them, trying to prevent them from having to go thru any pain or difficulty. we all understand that…but what if………….

  • we awaken to see that God is the only help they/we ever need
  • that we feel and realize our need to ‘correct’ another is from our ego, from fear
  • we see clearly we are only bringing more fear into the energy field of their experience, multiplying the negative, rather than doing any good at all
  • we are caught up in their story
  • we can see they are reflecting an interior issue of our own we need to look at, and we simply say thank you, and do our own work

Unconditional love only exists in our experiences when we awaken to the Holy Presence plus interior energetic structures of our own mind.heart beingness. How does our sight and language shift when we are coming from unconditional love, from knowing and recognizing God is here, God is in charge, they are a child of God and when i see this, and live through this knowing; it will only multiply the good of their lives and give strength to their healing. (which is what you want in the first place!)

  • I  know you can do this.
  • I know you will find your way.
  • I know you will make the best choices for yourself and your loved ones.
  • If you want to discuss anything, I am here. I love you.(yes, biting your tongue!)
  • Do you want to hear my thoughts?

When another person only feels your ego.fear coming at them, they will shut down and will not be able to hear you; no matter how nice it sounds. (Think authenticity.) The awakening means we have come to a space that all cords are detached; we only have cords for GOD!  (YOWSA! SO GOOD!) And then that is the energy you are presenting!!!!  That is your platform, your jumping off point.

And what in the entire universe can be better, more helpful, more loving;  than that?

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