personal contemplation of death

i do not believe in death. i absolutely believe and have seen how the soul lives on. i do believe in death of the body, (the dust to dust of it) – perhaps more accurately said, of  the ‘carnation’.  since i have spoken with and seen those who have ‘past on’; then even the body survives, right?..on some plane, not here though, not on earth. gotta love quantum physics.

wherefore i do not believe in death as the greater realm of humans do (or do they?); when a friend, relative or other leaves their body, which i just said they do not, more accurately stated once again, they leave this realty, this plane of existence for another…..i struggle to find words which speak my truth and yet can be empathetic to those who feel and believe their loved one is their body. as a relative, as a minister; this can be a compassionate quandary.

this does not mean i do not feel sad – i do. i miss them. i sob. but it is all quick, not lingering.  i talk to them more than most people do, and i expect answers, and we have fluid conversations. yet i am very much aware we are now on different planes, and a new relationship must be established.

i do not like the word grief. i dislike that we grieve rather than celebrate. i have found a way to do both, for the sake of fitting in society and as i have said; not offending anyone…(as well as honoring my carnation of humanness well as my heart of a light being) or rather, establishing cords of love between us through co-passion. yes, establishing cords of love. 

without offending; but in truth, i would much rather celebrate life and all that the loved one meant to us, all that they were in this carnation which has come to completion…than sit in wallowing sadness that they are no longer with us, which we (at least for me and my clan)  have established is an untruth.

death is such an unknown, (but then is it, if i and others speak with those who have passed to another life? if i have seen souls leave bodies at time of deaths? if i am able and others to rebuild/reestablish new relationships?); but ……then ……all life is an unknown, we just find beliefs that ring true to our own heart songs; and be with them.

hence, many different heart-songs make up a symphony. ..and each instrument is necessary.

with great love, deborah

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