thinking; our greatest Divine tool…

It appears that all too often we forget, have a lapse in knowing & remembering, that our thinking is our greatest Divine tool. Shifting our thinking, changes our lives. Free-will. Turning the cheek. Make lemonade out of lemons. Stay positive. (and on & on) YOUR thoughts are power-filled! as it has been said; use your power for good!

When we bring our heart & mind together, the Divine powers of the masculine and feminine are merged and creation takes place. or manifestation. or revelation.  after all, everything is already created; we simply allow, invite, reveal  an experience to be present in our lives. ( stop trying to create, no wonder you are so exhausted!)

the mind is what will re-act to something. the heart will be emotional. together, we see balance. as we use this awareness as a tool, the energies meld together within our systems and sooner than latter; we will be on auto pilot for positiveness in our lives!

although this information is basic 101 for anyone on a conscious path of awakening; it is easy to see, how rapidly we each can forget what we know.

it is done to us according to our faith

you can quote Jesus, or hundreds of other awakened beings to find this teaching.  then why are you complaining? why are you stating this is bad, this is not good you, this will hurt you? why are you ever so causally stating you cannot do something, do not have enough money, or speak of lack? USE YOUR POWER FOR GOOD.

this comes to mind when folks are suggested medications, they immediately say this is bad. i cannot take it. well, if you believe it is bad, it will be. if you can welcome it as support for your body,then it will be.

what you pay attention to grows

basic, basic, basic. many languages. many teachers. what you turn to, you see. when you speak of anything you give it MORE energy, you ADD to it. then, why are you looking that way? why are you choosing to give more attention to what you do NOT want?

manifestation is happening at record speed, right now. talking about your illness rather than you health, discussing fears rather than what you WANT to see…..every single thought you have melts  into your heart. this is why no matter how far along the path you think you are, (i hear many ‘far along the way’ practitioners speaking lack…like a hairdresser with  bad hair) the masters are the ones who stay in this state; all the time…their hearts and minds are merged, after years, perhaps lifetimes of practice.

in the beginning practice is a tool, then it is a joy!……then, it is your breath.

to seek what you desire to be, see where you are at. do not fear, it is only a thought. sit quietly and see what you are aligned with, where you are. be honest. it’s okay.  this you will see in your heart, and then in your mind; what do you re-act to? what does your body wisdom tell / show you? this is where you are. now, …………..choose the opposite !  ( i call it a George Kastanza / Seinfeld humor) and allow that belief from your mind to merge into your heart. sit with that.

ex: i do not have enough money.

MIND: there is so much wealth in the world…more than one person can fathom. i have gifts. i express my gifts. there are millions of people in the world, my gifts are bound to be liked by someone! Money is only paper. it represents energy, it is an exchange of energy.  i give energy, i receive energy.  TOOLS: i pay my bills on time. i have all i need. i have more than i need. i am well taken care of.

HEART: God surrounds me in abundance. i imagine silver and gold coins pouring down around me. i sit in this. i bathe in this. i am this. everyone has special and unique gifts to offer the world, we are each created in this Light.

seeing more wealth  means i am closer and closer to revealing this in my experience.

seeing more health…..

seeing more joy……..

seeing more calm……..


my very, very best to you this day! – RevDeb




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