a sacred balancing act

balance. at each turn. the masculine & feminine energies create.

as above, so  below.

as within; without.

let the root of your day begin with morning prayer – my beloveds hear this from me ALL the time, i am a broken record – so  be it! a day is action filled, (masculine energies ) being in the outside, exterior world. morning prayer is interior (feminine energies) – it is time of the silence, of the awakening within us of our sacred connection to all, of our own awareness vibrating with the aum……i love walking outside on the earth first thing in the morning – barefoot, aware of mother earth, listening to the birds, noticing the trees, silent gratitude. this fills me, awakens me. i also sit in my room, in silence, reading, contemplating, praying, receiving. if i go out to the world, on any level, even a phone call….before i awaken my heart and the silence with in me…..i will flounder. i know that.

this is an act of balance. without awareness of God, my thoughts can be pulled into the ego realm of fear and materialism – with my  ritual time, i am able to be in the chaos, yet stay aligned with love.

(extreme examples) living too much from the left brain, the divine masculine, or NOT being awake to our right brain, the divine feminine – cause us to be inflexible, rigid, to compartmentalize. we will appear stern, judgemental, afraid. when we only come from our right brain, only awake to our divine feminine, have our left brain asleep …..we may appear wispy, emotional, not of this world, so organically free form we never land.

i have a friend  who is a successful artist. she paints. her balance came when she opened a gallery supporting others as well as herself. this is an excellent example of the balance of mas/fem energies, of using both sides of her brain. art, feminine. business, masculine.

the masculine and feminine also play a role in our health. with a critical diagnosis from a physician, faced with difficult decisions, one is making choices for their body, (Divine Masculine) their psychical instrument and must as well be aware of the spiritual (non physical where the root resides!) facet of their healing – the body represents the physical curing of a symptom which has shown itself – which without seeking balance, without healing the emotional wound (the non physical Divine Feminine) which caused this in the first place……will not heal completely. get to the root. interior.exterior. together. balance.

below is a link for you all who want to seek balance of medication/meditation with your body, and hear what your body is telling you, can read firsthand a woman who is living proof. Denise was diagnosed with 4th stage throat cancer, several years ago…….buy her book.


I have worked with many cancer patients – as a minister, through my private counseling/healing practice as well as three years with hospice. I have known many who have had their body healed through mainstream choices, yet more issues usually follow – I have known many who have completely healed their bodies through the balance of spiritual faith in God PLUS mainstream; a balance – and I have known souls who have fully healed their body through prayer & wholistic / spiritual choices, support of like minded hearts.(including my own)

My 30 years of active experience in spirit health shows me this:

If one does not get to the core emotional issue which is the root cause of the symptom, it will show itself again; somehow. The curing is one thing, (masculine) the healing is another (feminine) .  Medication will shut the symptom down, cover it up…..forgiveness will heal, remove its energy.

Have you seen the person who is angry with the world? Or even just angry at one parent for their entire life? An illness will pop up and mainstream support will hide it for a while, with drugs, invasive this or that….they ‘kick’ it….then a year or so latter……another issue comes up… it comes up again, and again, and again.  Anger, resentment, judgements; those unhealed roots just find a new way to reveal themselves…until they are dissolved through forgiveness & love.

It is true, I agree, sometimes it is just time to ‘let this carnation go’…..other times, we wish to stay in this body for a while longer – consider doing so in joy, so you do not have to be on medications, anti anxiety this or that, other medications this or that…seek the healing of forgiveness – seek to know the root issue which is giving birth to the symptom..this is the power of the Divine Feminine, the deep waters of your soul, of your heart….seek to know thy self.

If this is all new to you, this is  an excellent place to begin:


Do you know the person who eats just right, exercises regularly, looks great, has rigid judgements about this and that and gets cancer? Do you know the women who eats junk, enjoys life, and lives to be 95?  I do.

I send this out to the world with great love for all who it can serve, to read and move forward in their journey.

with great love, Deborah





unconditional love in the everyday –

people want to help others. parents want to set their children straight…..friends want to save their wallowing friends from disaster….mates want to direct their mate to do the right thing…….we have a society of caregivers & caretakers……and saviors. this is a very linear and 3d mentality.

this mentality feeds ones own ego, this is the underlying motivation. this keeps YOU in the way of actually being beneficial to a loved one.

we cannot help another. when our children are young, or we are overseeing one who is ill, or dying, or other; then we have been given a role of responsibility – BUT many times, people just get frustrated with others NOT listening to them…as they  repeatedly tell them (we have all heard it, witnessed it..) HOW and WHAT to do. at this time, ones emotional heart is screaming out in fear, (disguised as help) trying to ‘help’ them, trying to prevent them from having to go thru any pain or difficulty. we all understand that…but what if………….

  • we awaken to see that God is the only help they/we ever need
  • that we feel and realize our need to ‘correct’ another is from our ego, from fear
  • we see clearly we are only bringing more fear into the energy field of their experience, multiplying the negative, rather than doing any good at all
  • we are caught up in their story
  • we can see they are reflecting an interior issue of our own we need to look at, and we simply say thank you, and do our own work

Unconditional love only exists in our experiences when we awaken to the Holy Presence plus interior energetic structures of our own mind.heart beingness. How does our sight and language shift when we are coming from unconditional love, from knowing and recognizing God is here, God is in charge, they are a child of God and when i see this, and live through this knowing; it will only multiply the good of their lives and give strength to their healing. (which is what you want in the first place!)

  • I  know you can do this.
  • I know you will find your way.
  • I know you will make the best choices for yourself and your loved ones.
  • If you want to discuss anything, I am here. I love you.(yes, biting your tongue!)
  • Do you want to hear my thoughts?

When another person only feels your ego.fear coming at them, they will shut down and will not be able to hear you; no matter how nice it sounds. (Think authenticity.) The awakening means we have come to a space that all cords are detached; we only have cords for GOD!  (YOWSA! SO GOOD!) And then that is the energy you are presenting!!!!  That is your platform, your jumping off point.

And what in the entire universe can be better, more helpful, more loving;  than that?

personal contemplation of death

i do not believe in death. i absolutely believe and have seen how the soul lives on. i do believe in death of the body, (the dust to dust of it) – perhaps more accurately said, of  the ‘carnation’.  since i have spoken with and seen those who have ‘past on’; then even the body survives, right?..on some plane, not here though, not on earth. gotta love quantum physics.

wherefore i do not believe in death as the greater realm of humans do (or do they?); when a friend, relative or other leaves their body, which i just said they do not, more accurately stated once again, they leave this realty, this plane of existence for another…..i struggle to find words which speak my truth and yet can be empathetic to those who feel and believe their loved one is their body. as a relative, as a minister; this can be a compassionate quandary.

this does not mean i do not feel sad – i do. i miss them. i sob. but it is all quick, not lingering.  i talk to them more than most people do, and i expect answers, and we have fluid conversations. yet i am very much aware we are now on different planes, and a new relationship must be established.

i do not like the word grief. i dislike that we grieve rather than celebrate. i have found a way to do both, for the sake of fitting in society and as i have said; not offending anyone…(as well as honoring my carnation of humanness well as my heart of a light being) or rather, establishing cords of love between us through co-passion. yes, establishing cords of love. 

without offending; but in truth, i would much rather celebrate life and all that the loved one meant to us, all that they were in this carnation which has come to completion…than sit in wallowing sadness that they are no longer with us, which we (at least for me and my clan)  have established is an untruth.

death is such an unknown, (but then is it, if i and others speak with those who have passed to another life? if i have seen souls leave bodies at time of deaths? if i am able and others to rebuild/reestablish new relationships?); but ……then ……all life is an unknown, we just find beliefs that ring true to our own heart songs; and be with them.

hence, many different heart-songs make up a symphony. ..and each instrument is necessary.

with great love, deborah

thinking; our greatest Divine tool…

It appears that all too often we forget, have a lapse in knowing & remembering, that our thinking is our greatest Divine tool. Shifting our thinking, changes our lives. Free-will. Turning the cheek. Make lemonade out of lemons. Stay positive. (and on & on) YOUR thoughts are power-filled! as it has been said; use your power for good!

When we bring our heart & mind together, the Divine powers of the masculine and feminine are merged and creation takes place. or manifestation. or revelation.  after all, everything is already created; we simply allow, invite, reveal  an experience to be present in our lives. ( stop trying to create, no wonder you are so exhausted!)

the mind is what will re-act to something. the heart will be emotional. together, we see balance. as we use this awareness as a tool, the energies meld together within our systems and sooner than latter; we will be on auto pilot for positiveness in our lives!

although this information is basic 101 for anyone on a conscious path of awakening; it is easy to see, how rapidly we each can forget what we know.

it is done to us according to our faith

you can quote Jesus, or hundreds of other awakened beings to find this teaching.  then why are you complaining? why are you stating this is bad, this is not good you, this will hurt you? why are you ever so causally stating you cannot do something, do not have enough money, or speak of lack? USE YOUR POWER FOR GOOD.

this comes to mind when folks are suggested medications, they immediately say this is bad. i cannot take it. well, if you believe it is bad, it will be. if you can welcome it as support for your body,then it will be.

what you pay attention to grows

basic, basic, basic. many languages. many teachers. what you turn to, you see. when you speak of anything you give it MORE energy, you ADD to it. then, why are you looking that way? why are you choosing to give more attention to what you do NOT want?

manifestation is happening at record speed, right now. talking about your illness rather than you health, discussing fears rather than what you WANT to see…..every single thought you have melts  into your heart. this is why no matter how far along the path you think you are, (i hear many ‘far along the way’ practitioners speaking lack…like a hairdresser with  bad hair) the masters are the ones who stay in this state; all the time…their hearts and minds are merged, after years, perhaps lifetimes of practice.

in the beginning practice is a tool, then it is a joy!……then, it is your breath.

to seek what you desire to be, see where you are at. do not fear, it is only a thought. sit quietly and see what you are aligned with, where you are. be honest. it’s okay.  this you will see in your heart, and then in your mind; what do you re-act to? what does your body wisdom tell / show you? this is where you are. now, …………..choose the opposite !  ( i call it a George Kastanza / Seinfeld humor) and allow that belief from your mind to merge into your heart. sit with that.

ex: i do not have enough money.

MIND: there is so much wealth in the world…more than one person can fathom. i have gifts. i express my gifts. there are millions of people in the world, my gifts are bound to be liked by someone! Money is only paper. it represents energy, it is an exchange of energy.  i give energy, i receive energy.  TOOLS: i pay my bills on time. i have all i need. i have more than i need. i am well taken care of.

HEART: God surrounds me in abundance. i imagine silver and gold coins pouring down around me. i sit in this. i bathe in this. i am this. everyone has special and unique gifts to offer the world, we are each created in this Light.

seeing more wealth  means i am closer and closer to revealing this in my experience.

seeing more health…..

seeing more joy……..

seeing more calm……..


my very, very best to you this day! – RevDeb