mindfullness in small group intimacy

i simply love small group exchange. when souls come together with hearts wide open and an intention to individually awaken; magic takes place. we each have within us all we need to expand our awareness of God, of Love. the ability to listen. the ability to share. the ability to feel safe AND vulnerable at the same time!

yesterday this ministry offered the first of what we pray is many, heart centered gatherings. two hours, that’s it. prayer. sharing. inquiry. teaching. you are welcomed to stay a third hour to commune, then good bye till next time.

no, not everyone knew one another, they each know me. these cherished beings brought all of themselves and i believe, left a little and took a little with them. we SEE so much of ourselves when we are witnessed. our perceptions change as we are welcomed. our hearts are opened as we feel safe.

these gatherings are offered twice a month; one Sunday, one Monday. for now…..for more information, email me; deborah@revdeborahhogan.org .

in deep gratitude, RevDeb

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