Dear Humanity,

Dear Humanity, our common Heart, we send prayers of unconditional love, forgiveness and healing. Our minds, focused on the city of Orlando, our tears, pouring forth for humanity.

Fear dismantles – Love empowers, grows and multiplies.

My personal prayer, may not be yours, but for me, forgiveness is always a first reaction – we can never make sense of why another person makes the choices they do, but we are capable of compassionately realizing that each person carries burdens, and to many, they are distorted, unbearable and not of love – for no one showed them the way, no one taught them how precious they and life are, no one told them – we are each connected by this Universal Presence of Infinite Good. No one told them they are loved.

More anger, retaliation, reactions in fears; only ignite and dismantle more; we prayer Your Divine guidance and intervention to lead us each to co-passion of humanity, as we stand as One, united.

Dear God, may Your Light surround and pour through each person, family member & friend, of all who were at this shooting. May the Orlando community rise up & through in Love. May any person associated with the hows and whys of how this was physically possible have the strength, courage and sense to do all they are able to make sure this never happens again.

TO: Orlando, my dear, sweet LGBT friends and relatives and each of you: know YOU are LOVED beyond measure. Realize right now there are millions around the world supporting your hearts and praying for the heart of the God essence of humanity to be enlivened in each and every single person, to bring us to being a world TRULY united in, through & as LOVE, kindness, tolerance, compassion.

In the nature of Divine Grace, may we each be led,

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