Words we speak….

One of my favorite teachings, one which has forced me to lift myself up and check in with myself………is that the words which come from my mouth do more harm than the food that goes in my mouth. In Mathew 15:11 – “What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.” This truth is rephrased and reinterpreted throughout the bible….. the power of the word.  This truth is brought into every day living with not hurting another by speaking harshly, not gossiping, speak before you speak and simply, that’s not nice. But the part of the truth which is not every day, is that we do more harm to ourselves with what comes from our mouths than is done to another. (and they can really cut and harm another being!) These words, the vibrations of them, defile ourselves, our own hearts.

According to Merriam-Webster:  defile: to make unclean or impure: as a :  to corrupt the purity or perfection of :  debase <the countryside defiled by billboards> b :  to violate the chastity of :  deflower c :  to make physically unclean especially with something unpleasant or contaminating <boots defiled with blood> d :  to violate the sanctity of :  desecrate <defile a sanctuary> e :  sully, dishonor

I prefer the dishonor wording. In speaking less of ourselves or another than our Divine Perfection as children of the most high God; we are dishonoring God. We are dishonoring this wonderful opportunity we have been gifted, to live this life. In not seeing the Light, in disregarding the Love which we are; we dishonor. We dishonor by saying I can’t, your are wrong, i am not good, i am not good enough, that’s impossible, by speaking meanly, harshly, with lack and negativity; we dishonor the potential of Grace.

The other side of the coin is how we can CHOOSE to use our words. How our words can build up another being, comfort another, empower another, heal relationships. What words can you speak today to another being which can BUILD THEM UP ? What words can you speak to another being to GIVE THANKS! Who can you express gratitude to & for today? These are the words our historic Jesus spoke; affirming words. Affirming, positive, empowering, gracious; what can you speak from your mouth today, and to  whom can you say it, which will build you BOTH up, and feed your God centers of Light?


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