mindfullness in small group intimacy

i simply love small group exchange. when souls come together with hearts wide open and an intention to individually awaken; magic takes place. we each have within us all we need to expand our awareness of God, of Love. the ability to listen. the ability to share. the ability to feel safe AND vulnerable at the same time!

yesterday this ministry offered the first of what we pray is many, heart centered gatherings. two hours, that’s it. prayer. sharing. inquiry. teaching. you are welcomed to stay a third hour to commune, then good bye till next time.

no, not everyone knew one another, they each know me. these cherished beings brought all of themselves and i believe, left a little and took a little with them. we SEE so much of ourselves when we are witnessed. our perceptions change as we are welcomed. our hearts are opened as we feel safe.

these gatherings are offered twice a month; one Sunday, one Monday. for now…..for more information, email me; deborah@revdeborahhogan.org .

in deep gratitude, RevDeb

If Jesus, Jefferson and Adams walked into a tavern…

I want to share, I am not a news watcher, nor politically savvy. Yet, life is by osmosis these days (news on everywhere, a pet peeve) – and the presidential race does have my attention. Also, above all and anything else; prayer is my first and always go to; above and beyond (literally) all else.

At this time, I cannot imagine there is not one person who is not attempting to ‘make sense’ or to even begin to understand the world happenings the news presents. Our hearts continue to crack open in compassion for sweet babes, families, parents…..for human kind as we each awake every day and place our feet on Mother Earth and take another step. My heart is with you.

I, nor any one person, have an answer – and I believe that is because ONE person cannot have the answer by themselves; but many together can; we become ONE. We become an interwoven fabric of strength.

I am one of the souls who believe that love & forgiveness is the only answer – that we need to be kind. I believe in balance in all things. Religious freedoms, absolutely. Freedom of speech, absolutely. BUT I also believe we live in a different world now, than when our founding forefathers wrote the words our country is based on – to get the word out in 1700’s, one traveled on horseback from town to town sometimes carrying a lantern……….now our instant thoughts are on social media. Our cries for help, warnings of our intentions, are on social media. It is my understanding, every move we make, if the government is interested and smarter than us, can be tracked. As a woman of God, I often wonder what Jesus would do; and now I also wonder what Lincoln, Washington, Adams, Jefferson and others would do?

Society continues to evolve, and just like ourselves, as we evolve, we make different choices according to our consciousness. Once, when we would lash out at another, as we heal, we learn to set healthier boundaries and love then free. We learn, that fire on fire makes more fire; that love on fire diffuses. We learn the truth; that love and anything, multiplies, including fear. I do not believe retaliation (an eye for an eye is just more who cannot see) of any type is an answer what so ever, but, I do believe in gathering together for change, for positive-ness. The other day, via Facebook, I signed and shared the petition on guns – and I was really surprised at some responses, people stating the bad guys will get them anyway. I was shocked. I was reminded of when a client will say to me, ‘but that is too hard’….and I ask, ‘is that reason enough, because something is too hard, too difficult, to not do it?’ We fail before we even try.

If the reason behind ones thinking is to not sign a petition, another words, to NOT gather in like mindedness to set healthier boundaries than already exists, because ‘the bad guys will get them anyway”, then you let the bad guys/aka, negativity; unite, and win. No law prevents ALL of the intended, ever. Life is grey, not black and white. BUT, laws, the way our society was set upon, can and do make a difference and allow the elected authorities to use them – and then our prayer is; Dear God, may they use them with integrity, wisely and humanely.

My prayer today is that as individuals and as part of the whole which is humanity, we use our voices from love and participate in the most kind way, to set healthy boundaries which reflect our understanding that the laws which man sets are guidelines – the laws which God created are absolutes; they are truths, laws of nature – fear upon fear multiplies. Love and Kindness are the answers – love begets more love – AND how can we implement this truth, with OUR voices, for the betterment and safety of humanity?

If Jesus, Jefferson and Adams walked into a tavern…………………….

Dear Humanity,

Dear Humanity, our common Heart, we send prayers of unconditional love, forgiveness and healing. Our minds, focused on the city of Orlando, our tears, pouring forth for humanity.

Fear dismantles – Love empowers, grows and multiplies.

My personal prayer, may not be yours, but for me, forgiveness is always a first reaction – we can never make sense of why another person makes the choices they do, but we are capable of compassionately realizing that each person carries burdens, and to many, they are distorted, unbearable and not of love – for no one showed them the way, no one taught them how precious they and life are, no one told them – we are each connected by this Universal Presence of Infinite Good. No one told them they are loved.

More anger, retaliation, reactions in fears; only ignite and dismantle more; we prayer Your Divine guidance and intervention to lead us each to co-passion of humanity, as we stand as One, united.

Dear God, may Your Light surround and pour through each person, family member & friend, of all who were at this shooting. May the Orlando community rise up & through in Love. May any person associated with the hows and whys of how this was physically possible have the strength, courage and sense to do all they are able to make sure this never happens again.

TO: Orlando, my dear, sweet LGBT friends and relatives and each of you: know YOU are LOVED beyond measure. Realize right now there are millions around the world supporting your hearts and praying for the heart of the God essence of humanity to be enlivened in each and every single person, to bring us to being a world TRULY united in, through & as LOVE, kindness, tolerance, compassion.

In the nature of Divine Grace, may we each be led,

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Words we speak….

One of my favorite teachings, one which has forced me to lift myself up and check in with myself………is that the words which come from my mouth do more harm than the food that goes in my mouth. In Mathew 15:11 – “What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.” This truth is rephrased and reinterpreted throughout the bible….. the power of the word.  This truth is brought into every day living with not hurting another by speaking harshly, not gossiping, speak before you speak and simply, that’s not nice. But the part of the truth which is not every day, is that we do more harm to ourselves with what comes from our mouths than is done to another. (and they can really cut and harm another being!) These words, the vibrations of them, defile ourselves, our own hearts.

According to Merriam-Webster:  defile: to make unclean or impure: as a :  to corrupt the purity or perfection of :  debase <the countryside defiled by billboards> b :  to violate the chastity of :  deflower c :  to make physically unclean especially with something unpleasant or contaminating <boots defiled with blood> d :  to violate the sanctity of :  desecrate <defile a sanctuary> e :  sully, dishonor

I prefer the dishonor wording. In speaking less of ourselves or another than our Divine Perfection as children of the most high God; we are dishonoring God. We are dishonoring this wonderful opportunity we have been gifted, to live this life. In not seeing the Light, in disregarding the Love which we are; we dishonor. We dishonor by saying I can’t, your are wrong, i am not good, i am not good enough, that’s impossible, by speaking meanly, harshly, with lack and negativity; we dishonor the potential of Grace.

The other side of the coin is how we can CHOOSE to use our words. How our words can build up another being, comfort another, empower another, heal relationships. What words can you speak today to another being which can BUILD THEM UP ? What words can you speak to another being to GIVE THANKS! Who can you express gratitude to & for today? These are the words our historic Jesus spoke; affirming words. Affirming, positive, empowering, gracious; what can you speak from your mouth today, and to  whom can you say it, which will build you BOTH up, and feed your God centers of Light?