falling into love…….

so, i just fell into love. it is such an enormously rich and fulfilling experience. when this happens, it fills up every cell of me and a roof top is too low to shout it from. this love, this interior activation of the Divine essence is so incredible, i whine like a new born to share it with you.

Who knew. On FB this morning, after i had sat with all my closest buddies;

Yogananada, Prayer at Dawn by Paramahansa Yogananda Jesus, all the Masters & Mary;  after i had breathed, stretched, prayed, asked for forgiveness, offered forgiveness, cried, and breathed some more…….i came to tea and FB and a friend had posted a TED talk by Caroline McHugh:


How grateful i am when my heart opens in synergy with another! For me, there is nothing so good – that moment of succinctness one feels, that undeniable alignment, that expression of interior wholeness; i call it LOVE., wowza! – SO GOOD! (how great thou art comes to mind.)

For a mere 26 minutes of listening and witnessing, my life has changed. My heart feels alive. i shifted. That is what LOVE does; it changes us forever. The golden nugget for me, that i take away from her talk is: “Your life has to be your message, otherwise, why are you here?

i have never met anyone who does not feel ‘unique, different, not like the others’. We seem to always be making excuses for who we are – rather than living who we are in such a way that we shine. Take that uniqueness, that outside whatever box we seem to have made in order to weigh, judge and set ourselves against the others……….and BE IT!!

For more information regarding Caroline and her work:


shared with love, Deborah



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