practicing Faith

Many, many years ago in a land far away i was asked ,”Deborah, why do you get answers when you ask God for help, and i don’t?”

i heard their yearning, doubt, challenge and frustration.

“Because i expect to.”

Silence. Quizzical face.

“Oh……” they turned and walked away.

In the youth of my ministry, little did i know yet how truthful, raw and gut wrenching a response that was. To me it was simple. Ask, and receive. Now i realize asking in purity of faith (like a child) is a practice – a daily practice to allow our ego minds to not shed darkness on the openness of ones heart.

Expectation is an enormous word. It carries  a vibration and energy of deep faith in whatever you are expecting. At the time of this conversation, i was introducing souls to the teachings of Science of Mind, founded by Dr. Ernest Holmes.

“faith in God through intuition: An unreasoned but not necessarily unreasonable conviction that there is a Supreme Intelligence responding to us; an unquestioning reliance upon good. The deep conviction that there is a Power and a Presence which not only can, but will, respond to us.” – Dr. Holmes

Catch the word ‘un-reasoned’. Our left brains want logic, and my friends, God is the most logical, yet faith is the most illogical action we have. To believe there is a supreme intelligence, and man has done all it can to force others to believe in this – offers us something which many see as substantial, the final word and judgement – BUT, to know  It in our lives, we must depend on a non physical thing called prayer and TRUST when our gut, or the still small voice, speaks.

Yeah,  right.

But, i promise you; yes, this is right. With all that i have i promise you, that when one offers themselves to God in a place of pure humbleness, openness and love; any door will open. And yes, it is a practice.

Daily, i turn to this Divine Intelligence for support. Daily i listen and TRY to hear my intuition, my gut about ANYTHING…and daily, i follow that. I believe God answers me from that still quiet place within – and sometimes from a louder place, like that voice that says; no, do not do that, no, do not do that, no do not do that…OR the other voice that says …you HAVE to say that, you HAVE to say that….one way i have practiced through the years is grocery shopping. it started many years go, when i would be shopping with my very linear well thought out list in hand, and would walk by something and i heard, buy that. or i would get a feeling…buy that. BUT – it was not on the list! and when i would not, of course a NEED for that particular something came up and if only i had trusted, not questioned, just did it! Sounds silly to you, for me to use grocery shopping with building FAITH in God?  Why? Do you think this is about groceries? or FAITH – and God will do whatever it takes, however YOU will receive, in order to support you to create spaces of FAITH in the grand architecture of the Divine within you . A small exercise, like learning the piano scales in order to play a sonata, is an excellent builder of trusting ones intuition. There is no size to a miracle.

shared with Love, Deborah


If you would like to read more about Science of Mind:


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