part II – too many hats, or not?

okay, your comments change everything. so many souls privately responded to me about this blog. it feels the same as a painting, a piece of art; the minute you look at it, it changes. same with a simple ‘ole blog post! (meant to be light and a bit funny, but then that was just MY perspective.)

people who know me ‘chuckled’ through it – others wanted to know what this had to do with God – others shared their own ideas about doing too much. all the comments and sharing gave it more momentum, made it more thought provoking – thank you. a collaboration.

i believe we wear many hats for any number of reasons from craving outside validation to an empty heart needing filling, to no one else will, so i do – to not having healthy boundaries, to just plain having many interests with no dysfunction in sight. i also came to realize through this deeper contemplation, i do not give myself enough credit for handling much of this with Grace – but there is where my faith in God resides. God supports me to accomplish whatever it is which needs doing. I can feel Gods hand in absolutely everything i do, (if not, i do not do it). I am constantly and consistently aware of The Higher Power guiding me – yes, i have many labels, but for me, they all fall under one umbrella; a women of faith. hence, why i wait for the calling, why i do not keep a day planner; (except for clients and vacations) i leave room for Holy Spirit to have Its way with me!

just think, if you fill up your every moment, where else can God come in but with a spiritual 2 x4 which very often is VERY uncomfortable.

so, i have many options for today – and other than writing this, my morning prayer time and having tea, i have no idea how the day will look. BUT, because God is fully in charge of my schedule, because my hands and heart are fully open, ready to receive…I KNOW it will be fulfilling, perfect and just right.


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