First blog post

FAITH chips away at our ego until all that is left is the LIGHT.

(if you have not read the ABOUT section, i think that would be helpful for anyone coming across this blog. TY.)

it seems that every single day i have several topics of deep, spiritually based conversations cross my path. it only takes one person to make one comment and my Holy Spirit radar flies wide open and all i want to do is love them free from their discomfort – by supporting them to SEE it differently, what ever IT is. i would sit with a stranger on the street, if they invited me to have deep meaningful conversation – let’s go swim at the deep end of the pool, you and i – and see what goodies we can unearth!

i get excited just thinking about deep conversation – the shallow stuff, stay at the other end. i have no interest in what you ate or where you vacationed or what your birthday cake looks like. i know, brash – but i just do not have that gene. glad you had a good time…but my interest stops there.

this morning i got really excited when a client mentioned the word STRUGGLE to me. it came through as part of a response to me, stating she had observed i had struggled lately. my brash-ometer reached high levels as i kindly asked her to not project onto my life from her own experiences & perceptions, that i had never mentioned the word struggle and please and thank you. she got it. but the juicy-ness had been set and i want to talk about this word.

struggle brings to mind a person in a pit, scraping their nails against the dirt, rock and cement walls, trying to reach the top to get out…hands bleeding, exhausted, weary. i understand people struggle, i am an empath and too often can be aware of all the pains in the world. but, in a one on one with a student or client; i will ask you to look at the energy of the word and be open to change it; for naming anyone else or yourself, to be in a struggle does no help at all. by using this word, it holds yourself or others in the dance of going ‘against’ something. a struggle can only be taking place when one is fighting something, attached to the energy of a situation. in this attachment, we actually give the stated ‘opponent’ more energy, by feeding into its ego driven toxicity.

step back. step away. this idea of what you see as a struggle may be a clearing – a clearing of great depth. it may be anger rising from the interior to be expressed and let go of. whatever it is, it can be loved and that is really all anything wants. you can express caring without expressing struggle.

my client/student also said growth was hard work. okay, yes, but it is SO worth the digging, the excavating and the loving. hard work is not a ‘bad’ thing. i hear so often from clients; “but it’s hard”; as if the idea is a get out of jail free card and i should suggest another, EASIER¬† answer!¬† i love you too much to suggest anything but the truth!

all of this hard work is God chipping away at our ego – and if one would just let it happen, listen to ones heart and trust; there would be no ‘struggle’.

Thank you for sharing-



2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. As Eckhart Tolle says: we suffer because we think life shouldn’t be difficult. As soon as we accept the challenges, then the suffering stops.


    • Hi Lynn – Thank you for sharing in the conversation! In full agreement. acceptance does not feed the fear. ..and then, are the challenges still challenges? or simply experiences we walk through with more love? -Deborah


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