Good Bye, and thank you.

Thank you to any of you who have read this blog. My hope is these thoughts have influenced you in a positive way for your own spiritual growth. I have been here for several years, and as of August 8, 2022, I am choosing to no longer renew. There are so many great spiritual teachers to listen to on Podcasts or read their books, blogs, or, other. There are so many Great Beings, Masters who have reached very high states of being, and when you stop listening to the noise in your head, you can feel their state of being. I send you love and may you expand to go with the magnificent flow of life.

Deborah Evans Hogan

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New Look, New Intention!

Hello; I am Deborah Dechen Hogan and this is my blog. This was once called, Thoughts, on awakening. Today, July 5, 2022, it was time for a change! One reason is the recent energy surge of women rising up. (No, this blog is for ALL genders.) I have been speaking of INTEGRITY for years. Now, I am simply sick & tired of ‘bad behavior’, emotional selfishness, lack of responsibility, mindfulness, basic intelligence, and a healthy awareness of what is of VALUE. I am an ordained minister, counselor, prayer warrior, healer, writer, and a firey fierce female. I LOVE God, our Creator, and all Divinity. I can rant sometimes, (ask my husband) – and you know what, IT IS TIME! (BTW, IF you appreciate this blog at all, please let me know because when my renewal comes up in August I am questioning keeping it. 105 people have signed up to receive it, but are they reading it? Do they do it so I will read their blog? I pay for this, and in truth, the only way I know it is supporting you is if you let me know. So, thank you if you can like, comment or share below.)


I have a great idea for a television show. West Wing, but with women in power. No, not a comedy. I want the world to tune in to see how women would solve present-day issues, would run things, would bring INTEGRITY back. I want the observed meeting scenes to be life lessons for our world. I want those in power here in the U.S. and beyond to hear, like a fly on the wall, how women solve issues, address issues, speak of issues. I for one, want to see the infrastructures of too many outdated, over-processed, undersupported constructs of our systems here in the U.S. FIXED. For now, all we have are expensive and time-consuming bandaids (more laws) being put over the broken issues, adding to their sick weight – INSTEAD of REALLY fixing them. The family court system for one. Let’s add the foster system. Guns. Children falling through the cracks of society because people are too afraid to speak up, have nowhere to speak up, and feel unprotected to speak up. Children who fall through the cracks become the mass shooters of the future. I am sick and tired of good fathers being shut out of their childs’ lives because the courts favor the mothers. I am tired of custody agreements having NO LEGAL FOLLOW THROUGH except through more money to a lawyer. I am tired of obviously damaged people in authoritative positions. I am very, very tired of money as power making governmental choices, rather than intelligence. Our government is failing us, we need a total rewrite.

And I would like to see consultants on this show be a most impressive list of integrity-filled women such as top female writers of today, female leaders from all walks of life, as well as mothers. Maybe the show goes as far as real group conversations with mothers about issues, and then how it is taken to the Oval Office, to Congress, to the States.

All in all, people, WE HAVE TO DO BETTER! And to do better, we have to BE better.

Thank you for reading.


My book; Mystical Partnership, Extraordinary Experiences of an Ordinary Life – is available everywhere.

Criticism or Wisdom?

In my world, “Deborah land,” I tend to go on rants…..sometimes. Much to the chagrin of my husband, for he doesn’t want to hear it nor listen to it and always looks at me and says; “What would Amma think?” (He takes an off-color joy in tossing my own teachings back at me.) Yes, I am voicing a plea that sounds much like whining (I call it wisdom) – BUT, In my defense, I know many strong, clear-hearted ministers (Holy Spirit Fire!), shamans, and healers, (Jesus included, remember the table flipping?) who have a very strong, & firey ‘other side.’ So, there are no forthcoming apologies here.

I am a strong teacher. I let that be okay. I have been witness to too many positive results in my beloveds’ lives. I am more than good with that. Years ago, one of my long-term students said to me, “I trust you because I know you will never feel sorry for me.” This is one of the most loving and aware testimonies I will ever hear. I never feel sorry for anyone. I know what you/we are capable of. I know what God can do through us, for us. I am still very compassionate, still get in the mud with you, still hold hands, comfort hearts, and be by your side. But, I will never be sorry for you. This is life. I have too much respect for our individual paths. And, why would I ever NOT state to express your highest and best? Why would I ever see you in lack when I know your Light? And, how will you ever know your Light, if people only see your lack?

I attempt to live my life, to be in this body, to exemplify living; according to Spiritual Truth, to Spiritual Law. I see that we tend to make it all too complicated. I am a teacher of bringing my beloveds back to the basics. Basic, basic, basic metaphysical Truths 101…no matter how far along the ‘spiritual path’ one thinks they are – it is all about the basics.

When these Truths cross our personal home conversations, my husband feels I am criticizing. I am not. I am seeing where others could raise their vibration by shifting their thinking. I am seeing how the collective could change, if only they could hear. ( At the very least, I believe I am planting a seed, and next time perhaps a stated Truth will be heard, will land.) I see how life would be more graceful, easier, fulfilling – if my comments could land within your energy grid. My husband is gray; very, very gray. He has little fire energy and feels any suggestion, or even a direct comment, in the kindest and most loving of voices is criticism. His way of being has certainly supplied me with the practice of softness. My work is to not let it put out my passionate fire. I use to be what I call a tractor (all the time), in my 20’s and early 30’s before I walked an intentional heart path. I find this path has brought me to a strong inner balance.

The most amazing thing about being human is we really BELIEVE what we believe. It sounds too simple to state, but the trick is being willing to change our thinking so we can feel the difference in our lives, not to please others or get approval. I do not believe we all have to believe in the same thing or the same way. I do not believe what works for one person will work for another. (Except for the spiritual Truths/Laws the Universe is formed with.) I do know; if you are unhappy, frustrated, or angry – that being willing to see from a different perspective IS healing, for it changes you. That is a Truth. Truth is Wisdom. You see, our interactions with others (when we bump up against ourselves) are only a reflection of our own alignment. This too, is a Truth.

Here is a Truth (criticism or wisdom) for today: When you are not yet aligned with, fully believe in a choice you have made – you will feel people are judging you, finding fault whenever you speak about the choice, for the egos’ defense mechanism gets in the cracks of your non-belief, you are NOT yet in full alignment with the energy of your choice….and then you blame others for being judgemental. When we believe fully, without doubt, and are completely (mind, body, heart) energetically aligned with our choice; we are simply offering and feel confident about sharing. There are no cracks. Never will we take offense if someone else feels different. It is not personal if anyone disagrees with us; it simply is their choice.

In Light & with great love,

Deborah Evans Hogan

Succinct Spiritual Advice.

I have been walking a consciously chosen spiritually based path for over 35 years. I am NOT an expert – who is? BUT, I have years of experience. I have delved into all aspects of metaphysics I am aware of, (from clearing homes of negative energy & unwanted visitors to helping souls to cross over and connecting with souls who have transitioned, teaching Unity & Science of Mind classes, teaching Reiki & Energy workshops, being a guest speaker in churches). I have studied with many teachers, ordained in 1997 I was in Sunday church ministry for nine years, including my own church: the (concrete) Church of Spiritual Empowerment and an online Sunday Church which reached over 1800 people around the globe per week. I have officiated well over 200 rituals including weddings, memorials, and funerals. I was a hospice volunteer for three years. In my own ministry, I have helped many souls transition home. I have been making my living as an energy practitioner, teacher & guide for 30 years (this month actually), have opened & been the facilitator of four public healing and metaphysical centers, taught meditation, had my own cable television show for four years, been a radio guest, welcomed in several hospitals (and some in surgery) as a Reiki Master and practitioner: Mass General Boston, Brigham & Women’s, The Faulkner, Anna Jaques Newburyport, The Hale Hospital Haverhill, The Lahey Burlington and Peabody, Ma. I am an intuitive empath and claircognizant, clairvoyant, and clairsentient. I have traveled between realities and am humbled to have had Sai Baba visit me. I have been a guest columnist in newspapers and last year published my first book. (I know, just because I published a book does not mean I know anything – but, I SINCERELY feel this book is of great value, as I share my faith in Spirit/God and how this has worked in my life and in the lives of others). As I stated, I have had experience – and that experience is ONLY as good as I can share it. Yes, all of it was helpful for ME, but to share it, influence others, and to support others on their journeys is the greatest good of all.

Every now and then I have a “meet-against”, as I call it, with a younger person on this path who is in the ego stage. Nasty, nasty stage. We all go through it and some even come out the other side. If so, this means you have grown. If not, it means you are stuck. And, for those of us who truly see you, it is a nasty stuck. Very, very unattractive. The ego energy blocks you, makes you think you know, causes you to NOT hear Spirit, (even if you think you are), to hear God, and is vulgar in its defense. I hear younger people saying, “I have done a lot of work”, “I worked on myself for two whole years”, “I want you to do this, can you do this for me? I know what I need.”

Helpful, valuable hints to cross through this ego stage:

  1. Be empathetic. A person who aligns with the natural empathy of their soul changes lives.
  2. You do not know everything. No one does. There is always more to learn, to experience.
  3. Be humble. Give all the credit to God.
  4. Meditate every day. Do you want to truly become aligned with your highest expression? Do that.
  5. Practice mindfulness.
  6. READ. Lots of books. (I have a suggested list at the back of my book.)
  7. Just because you receive messages doesn’t mean you give them to everyone. (I often hear, “I am so open my guides are always talking to me and so I tell everyone”.) Learn to wait for an open door. Invite yourself in first. I believe I have a message from Spirit for you, do you want to hear it? OR if a friend or anyone you know is in distress, I might be able to support you if you want. I sometimes can be a conduit for your guides.
  8. Lots and lots of souls are here for these times. There is no doubt you are feeling gifts within your soul body. BUT, YOU must always be working on YOURSELF to be the best human expression possible. That is integrity. Walk your talk.
  9. And my full lack of understanding goes along with this one: Those who want to take REIKI classes or other practitioner certificates without all ready receiving regular work themselves. I realize you are feeling called and I have no doubt you are, BUT you must receive, full circle to be the best you can be.

It is with a sincere heart that those whom this blog post may benefit – find it, read it, and accept it. I offer this to you with great love. The world needs you, each of us, BUT you must be humbled before you can be a gift to others.

Deborah Evans Hogan


Stillness, my friend. Actually, a necessity for my mental health, spiritual health, and life. Quiet is okay, but stillness is the deep end of the pool.

I refer to stillness as ‘non-interference’. For an empath/psychic, this is not easy to attain. In our home, if a window shade is uneven I am thrown off. Seriously, this is not an exaggeration. My husband thinks we live in a museum. I have to have order and balance. Even a friend who helped me with our gardens this year was laughing as she looked at one area in particular, in balance with hostas and iris. She could not get over how balanced it is and said hers may be healthy, but boy, they are the opposite of mine, no order. Some people mistake a neat, orderly home for one that needs control. I realize that can be true. But for me, I see the universe as orderly, and my senses require it too. One thing out of order, not aligned, not situated just right – and I am off. I don’t have to see it, my body tells me when I enter the room.

Order is part of stillness. Yes, we have a still point within and meditation can allow us to be in alignment with that – yet quiet, order and non-interference allow me, my mind, heart, soul, and body to feel pure peace. No people around. That is part of stillness, for an empath/psychic. Naturally picking up on anothers’ energy field can disturb ones’ being from reaching stillness. (The blessings and the curse. This gift makes me very good at my work and at life – yet stillness is the balance, the state of required renewal.)

As our earth world is in crisis at the moment, this affects our ability to feel stillness. Our earth is not still. So much pain, hurt, and horror. Our hearts, our bodies, and our souls are being attacked each day with too much information, simplicity feeling outdated and previous ways of living no longer aligned with so many of us. I know no one who is NOT suffering from this. One may not realize that the butterfly effect IS, and then others know it too well. We cannot help but be affected by one another! We are each part of one another.

For me, stillness means I am physically by myself, with just my own energy. I find that in a room in our home that few others enter. I sleep and rest often in this room, by myself. No fan, no tv, no air conditioner, no outer man-made noises. Right now, I have windows open and the birds are waking at 4 am and I feel the unity of life. One bird begins, and more and more join in. Light will begin to be revealed soon. In these early morning hours I am assured of the Creator and holiness of living. I can breathe. My cells feel at peace. I believe this is why I am often awake so early, today since 1 am. To sit in the quiet. To observe inner life, to feel the Godliness which surrounds us – and is MUCH too often silenced by the loudness of human pain.

Now, I will post this sharing, then go make coffee and leave this still room, this space of holiness for me. I take it with me. I will go sit on our porch, rock in my favorite chair and behold our yard and God’s creations waking up. I am armed for another day of humanness.

Thank you,

Rev. Deborah Evans Hogan

How Our Hearts Hurt.

I begin all these types of blogs with this statement; I am not a politician. Rarely am I interested in politics. Even today, I am more interested in humanity.

A few hours ago, someone asked what I had to say about the shooting in Texas. I was approached as a woman of God, a minister, and a spiritual teacher. I have no right to comment politically, yet as a member of the human race, I have every right.

I may not have a deep interest in politics, but I do know people. And I will say that this enormous, devastating pain and fear for our civilization, children, schools, and life; is not about God. This is about our wounds, our need for education, and the need to get people out of all types of poverty; poverty of love, jobs, faith, community, and mental/emotional health support.

I hear the United States has sent weapons and billions of dollars to help the Ukraine. I ask, what about home? These mass shootings are expressions of one person in such deep, ugly, horrible pain they cannot function at a level of average awareness. They do not know goodness. They have anger to the depths most of us will never know – that killing children is the way they see to express it. Someone took their childhood, so they lash out at others. To lash out in a crowd, no matter who is present, killing other humans.

Until we reinstate integrity in our system, we lose. Until our broken constructs around mental health, family court, and our welfare system are fixed – children, families, and people – lose.

What can God do for us? Only what we ask, only what we believe in. The shooters are motivated by rage, payback, and brokenness. It is all they know. Perhaps from a horrible childhood, perhaps from a broken system that due to cutbacks, could not support them, perhaps from undisclosed mental health issues, perhaps from our gun laws which are NOT brave, not tight enough, and nowhere near strong enough. You want war? Start a war on guns.

This morning I glanced at other countries’ gun laws. I read such laws as:

  • Guns for hunting animals only.
  • No assault weapons are sold.
  • Must have a clean police record, no disturbances, even for drunk and disorderly, spousal abuse, etc.
  • All guns must be kept in a government-approved vault.
  • Must take year-long class, and pass in order to purchase.
  • No guns carried in public, outside the use of hunting, WHILE HUNTING. An arrest will take place.
  • and more. They were clear, concise, and strict.

This is what I have to say: Politicians, we elect you to write the laws for our benefit and freedom. Law enforcement, we vote you in to UPHOLD these laws – NOT your personal beliefs or backroom promises! One or both groups of you are failing us, have failed us, and will continue to do so if you do not open your eyes and see what YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IS. You should be ashamed. You should be hiding, running away, or better yet; STAND UP AND DO BETTER! Do for the humane choices, not the choices that benefit your pocket or score an upcoming election. BE BRAVE! You are asking our children to be brave – and this is deplorable.

The wounded heart will always lash out in some way. Greed is an act of a wounded heart. Killing is an act of a wounded heart. Changing our laws to have INTEGRITY, and even to uphold them is only PART of the answer. The other part is to fix our broken constructs that come under the law, politics, etc. People need purpose, jobs, and work. Many families need mental health support. People in authority have to be given what they need to DO THEIR JOBS THEIR BEST ABILITY. And again, with INTEGRITY. (Members of our family have been in a legal battle where young children are involved – and I tell you the system has failed them miserably. Social workers with hands tied, judges that keep changing so there is no consistency. Psychology reports OBVIOUSLY NOT BEING taken as truth. The system is broken, broken, broken. )

AS far as my faith in God is in relation to this time we live in: God exists as sure as I am that I am a woman. BUT our FAITH IN GOODNESS is a phrase of ACTION, not just empty words. The people who are desperately in pain do NOT KNOW GOODNESS. So, those of us who do, who can, who are able, please continue.

It appears to me, as a spiritual counselor, people often are not holding the correct people, actions or experiences responsible. A male client asked me, “how much therapy do we have to go through to make our marriage work?” My answer was that both people have to do their own healing work so THEY WORK, so they are the best human they can be – and bring THAT to the relationship. Once the individuals have done their own emotional excavation, everything works better. The relationship may dissolve, change or become different, but the arguing, triggers, blame, and pain ceases to exist when we take 100 % responsibility for our OWN ACTIONS.

Children are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR A SHOOTER, and teaching them to know how to hide under desks or escape the classroom IS NOT ANY KIND OF ANSWER. The answers lie with the systems. The hope lies in our faith that this is possible.

Dear God, Helps us to see the truth of a person, that we may elect politicians and law enforcement who have INTEGRITY, and whether difficult or not, will do THE RIGHT THING. Help us to do whatever it is we are able, through prayer, donations, and action – to spread INTEGRITY. Help us to know what IS ours to do.

Rev. Deborah Evans Hogan

Letting Go…………

LETTING GO IS definitely a messy step in surrendering to God, raising one’s vibration, aligning with our heart centers, or ascension – whatever you want to call it. In order to make room for more, for increase; we must let go.

It is a sure thing, without ANY doubt at all, that if I am heading out the door on vacation, (letting go of ministerial responsabilties), I will receive multiple texts from clients requesting an appointment….after a dry spell. Or the last time I went on sabbatical, which I had announced, I had more clients than I had ever had in a two-week span…even a woman I had not heard from in over 20 years. This was so great because I love my work, but I also had money in the bank to carry through my six weeks off! (Surprise, God’s plan.)

I am getting ready for a HUGE letting go, maybe the largest, deepest, biggest one of my life – I can feel it – and the angst is incredible. I still do not know if I will do it or if I will be brave enough to, or feel secure enough to – but I know for dang sure it is stirring! (Sleepless nights, heart palpations, lack of clarity, dizzy, spinning, random thoughts dropping in my head that hint at a potential shift. Really? )

The secret is, to let go without any expectations. Get out of your own way. Make room for God, for all the good. AND do not let go with ANY intention. Let go to let go. Probably why we have to be too worn out to think, too tired to fight, too overworked to pick ourselves up, too sick and tired of it all – so, letting go is all about letting go and not about anything else. It is not about looking out at the horizon and thinking if I do this, I will gain that. That has been the issue all along! We do, to gain. We do with a mission. We do, to prove. We do in order to accomplish something. We do to see a specific outcome outside of ourselves. Letting go is a spiritual art form. We let go to simply (not so simply to our human ego) to let go.

This is dying daily. Bits of our human identity falling away. Physical attachments no longer exist. The onion peeling away, the massive string ball – unwinding. The untangling, the dismantling, the deconstructing. We seek our true identity, yes? Well, this is part of the path. This is a journey of faith in God of no explanation, description or label, who created the universe, the laws, the entire amazing universe!

Think Cary Underwood; Jesus Take the Wheel…..well, no one else can take the wheel till you un-grasp it yourself! (One who is grasping cannot share.)

Letting go is not about giving up, although it will feel that way, and that may be our emotional motivation. Letting go creates space for increase. (For God’s Grace.) Giving clothes away, tithing, sharing, – all ways to let go, in order to MULTIPLY our INCREASE! BUT again, we give away clothes because we are not wearing them and/or our closest’s are full – NOT to go out and buy more. We give at church or to our spiritual community in financial gratitude because we are grateful! Not to line our pockets with increase. We let go of anger to allow peace. We let go of anxiety to feel ease. We let go of jealousy to experience unconditional love. We let go of looking back to see where we are presently. We let go of overeating to lose weight. We let of addictions to be clean and sober. We let go of the old ways to allow birthing of the new. We take our hands off the wheel in order to allow God to take over, and God is good.

Let go of the old story, of the fear – get off the gerbil wheel, stop the crazy.

Letting go as a spiritual act takes faith. Exhaustion & joy. If and when I get there, you will know!

(Added the next morning: So, so great! I awoke clear! I slept for the first time in perhaps two weeks! Before I went to bed I asked to sleep till at least 4 am and I did! I feel so, so, so, clear. So many new ideas of how to offer my work, how to help others put God first. I begin the day deeply grateful that I know, I fully FEEL the alignment with in, that God is the ONLY power. I feel I have let go of what was birthing through me for such a long time, causing an inner war, chaos and uncomfortableness. Always the war of ego, of believing there is power in anything else but the Presence.)

with great love,



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Global Prompts through Spiritual Sight

First off I want to say I feel a bit of fear as well as a professional responsibility to speak these words publicly. The fear is new to me, I am not one to experience fear, so I am believing it is important for me to do this. Do you understand this? A “leap and the net will appear” situation. Some times fear is the ego saying “NO! – do not do this, then you do not need me”, the ego says “I cannot thrive in your bravery”. The professional facet is, I feel, obvious. As a spiritual guide and one who believes in the goodness of humanity, I feel the calling to give my thoughts on the world situation of Russia and the Ukraine.

As a women of faith, a minister, a prayer warrior; all the prayers, candle lighting, church services in the news and social media are heart warming and obviously supporting the hearts and lives of the people of the Ukraine. We stand in gentleness and peace with you. All of this allows the uninvolved to feel that we are being helpful, making a difference – and I believe it does, that we are. Yet in truth, the money being given, which is amazing, is wonderful; and stopping Putin is the answer.

What has prompted me to speak up is a post I read on FB this morning, wondering why Putin is still alive. I believe in prayer – I believe in GOD above ALL else, and I too have wondered why the souls I see as public/political ego terrorists in history and presently have not been assassinated, (Hitler committed suicide, but not till WW2 was in action) — when the Kennedys, Lincolns and MLK were. The ones I consider the good guys. I DO NOT believe in killing, yet I can see that it is done. (A sever bandaid, not an answer, to deeper, more globally needed shifts.) What one sees as good or bad will always rally different perspectives.

BUT, and it is a huge but; what stops something likes this? Historically, (and recently in the U.S.) we have witnessed how oligarchs feed on the fearful, the people who feel helpless, who are seeking a savior. And, as one who believes, teaches and guides others to have a personal relationship with God, so ones awareness of Spirit comes THROUGH , takes action THROUGH us – how can I not want this in this experience also.

Meaning, is it not up to the people of Russia to rise up in order to make a difference, to change the very nature of their government? Can the change come through the people of Russia to allow the good of humanity to come together for the greater good of their country? How can the countries of peace support that path? It is the very nature of the warped love of control, money and other humans – the pure lust of power – that is at the center, the motivating factor of such decrepit forces. With this said, can we also pray for the God which is the seed of every single human being to come actively alive through the people of Russia, in Putin himself. Can we pray for the Putins to change, for the ones who do not yet recognize their own good, nor the humanity of others, to SEE through their heart, not their ego? Can we pray for them, knowing that prayer supports an individual consciousness to be raised from the dark to the light?

I suggest that as you are praying for peace, for the Ukraine, for global healing, that we also pray for the Putins, that the God who created them and us be recognized from within their own minds and hearts and that they change. Change has to come from within. May something miraculous come through Putin, that he can see what harm, fear, shame and horror he acts with – and stops. May money and control not be the quest, but recognizing humanity be the motivation. May our prayers be such a force that Gods love is ignited in the hearts of those who fear, and peace prevail.

with great love,


Deborah’s book Mystical Partnership is available through any bookseller. Hardcover, paper, ebook and kindle.

Look For the Helpers …. Mr. Rogers.

I am sharing this fabulous astrologer, “”. (facebook, Youtube, etc). HE IS EXCELLENT IN GROUNDEDLY DESCRIBING ASCENSION UPS AND DOWNS. (See below when scrolling.) I feel he puts all that I am empathically, intuitively, and personally emotionally aware of into words. I continue to be impressed with him. Yesterday I touched on everything he states – and let’s face it, in our human beingness, outside validation can be a relief! (Not so much a pat on the head, but definitely an “I am not alone in this experience” feeling.) For my entire adult life, I have turned to an astrologer I am in vibe with (I have known and know many) to support me in the space I am experiencing. I deeply appreciate it.

Yesterday and late last night was all about rewriting emotional pasts. It still, even though I know this intellectually, and energetically – am always surprised when my present life PERFECTLY reflects deeply still held childhood evidently traumas that require forgiveness……still. When the ole’ mirror law strikes me in the heart and I go; really? That is still inside me? That is still a story I hold? That affected me much deeper than I ever gave it credit for! I am always, always surprised that my husband can be an emotional mirror image of my father. Now, my husband has NVLD, a non-verbal disability where he does not pick up on emotional cues, and I have made expectation adjustments due to this in our relationship. My father was emotionally handicapped without a clue of how to authentically empathize – and that was the mirror yesterday. For what I intellectually see as obvious emotional heaviness yesterday due to a personal anniversary date, as well as some family issues I was supporting others with, I was feeling the emotional stew – which anyone else would be aware of; but not my husband. Alone when another is beside you is distressing, uncomfortable, lonely and unpleasant to the heart. As I stayed up late into the night, I journaled and I WAS CLEARING NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL FIELDS. This was a feeling of not belonging also, we EXPECT our partners to see us, and reach out.

May be an image of text

Yesterday in the afternoon when I took a break from paper work I sat and this unknown, new, ‘not asked for experience’ that came upon me that for the first time in my life I felt I could afford ANYTHING. It was the palpable energy of that experience – and then I spoke out loud that I love this, that and what I would buy and how I would create, etc. It was not from need, it was an active ‘permission granted’ energy field. It was NOT a visioning, it was a much, much deeper awareness. It was a total shift in my energy field. The old vision was breaking apart and this brand new deep feeling of I COULD, I CAN, took place. Not intentional, it showed up!

So much broke away yesterday it is astounding. And more today due to a birthdate of one I love who does not want a relationship with me. Unconditional love from afar. Respecting the human choice to seek one’s path.

We are EACH always transforming to the highest vibration possible. Always. No matter what. In this process we must have fearless faith – and as Mr. Rogers said, “look for the helpers.” Some days I am the helper, others I am helped. (Reach for sirius-joy, on FB, You Tube and other.) Off to pray, cord cut, forgive and bless!

with great love, Deborah

The Ascension Post I have been avoiding…

Yes, this is a post I have been avoiding – or rather waiting till I was guided that it was time to share these observations. This post is a small snippet of a MUCH larger, tangled, and multi-faceted subject, but I hope this may support those who read it.

If you had been following any outside news media from November thru January you are aware of all the people who chose suicide as a way home. It really was extraordinary. So many chose to leave and go home. Have you noticed how ways/means of transitioning comes in waves? Before that (summertime) was a wave of abuse that led to murders, then the suicides, and now, many are having surgeries, (of which there will be fewer transitions). (Not to mention Covid Flu as a way home.)

Why waves? Well, in this day of vulgar media storming, if one reads or listens to news of any kind or indulges in People Magazine, one is energetically influenced. Also, there is a pre-determined soul collective contract.

How do we know it is all terrible, bad, awful or sad? How do we know they left too soon? How do we know that their souls will not do more good on the other side or another dimension than here on earth? How do we know they have not completed all they came here to do? How do we know that they do not have a contract to turn right around, come back and have another incarnation? Have you noticed how an elder in a loving family clan dies right before a younger remember is about to give birth? “Ah, yes, let me be this child, bye, have to go!”

To me, suicide is a choice and a fast-track home. I believe more suicides are a conscious choice than done out of despondency. But, those left here on earth in a 3 -D mentality look at it as a failure, or an illness caused it, or why did I not see it.

I believe ANY partnership with another human being is an agreed-upon dance in a particular lifetime. I believe the abuser is in as much pain as the abused. Personally, I have seen how past lifetimes/karma plays a role in our chosen relationships, as well as soul agreements. I recently heard from a woman who had transitioned after many years of being a master manipulator tell me; Thank goodness that is over! – Her words were one of being thankful she could finally leave that incarnation (she was over 100), that ‘being’ that personality was not very pleasant for her either! She had IMMENSE relief.

It is VERY interesting to look at life as an observer. Meaning I know we are watching a play, so I do not get caught up in the plots. I am fully amazed at how this life is affected by us, our beliefs, our thinking – and how people are affected by life. It is an immense dance. This is the divine give & take, and the reason I am a loud advocate for each person doing their own individual work.

This work I refer to is finding faith in goodness, developing a personal, positive, and palpable relationship with God, forgiving everyone everything, not taking anything personally, and developing empathy. Some sub-headings might be; * realizing we are making this all up, * we are each a soul, a speck of Divinity, * lose all labels, * taking 100 % responsibility for one’s choices, * humanity includes everyone, *you have all you need, * stop making yourself a victim, * get over death – it is just your physical body – not you.

I think I may have just outlined my next book!?

Blessings of Light & Love to you!


My book Mystical Partnership; Extraordinary Experiences of an Ordinary Life is available everywhere books are sold.