Faith in the Amazing!

Why am I always amazed? It amazes me that I am always amazed, when I realize what I have created for myself, how prayer worked, how distant healing worked….always amazing. Why am I always amazed?

Because eventually we all wake up from our sleep, even if its from a short nap!

It is all too easy to get on our human gerbil wheel when stuff we do not like happens. It is amazing how easy it is to whine, tell repeated stories, share negativity rather than our blessings! It is SO dang amazing how ONE thought (that we are fully, emotionally aligned with) can change everything.

Last week I was missing my acupuncturist. When we moved to where we are right now, we discovered one another, a friendship and mutual respect ignited, and her office was the only holy like feeling sanctuary I could find outside my own home. I had met a kindred spirit. We have continued to support one another along the way. Last week a most sincere thought went through my mind, that I missed going there. AND I had not been in awhile because I had been feeling so excellent! Nothing was out of alignment. Until latter that week…..when I went on a bender to create a large gravel stone patio, edged in cobblestones for our fire pit. For two days I worked. I even thought about how hard I was working, I was amazed at how I could shovel a half ton of gravel, spread it, go back and forth to stone yard and get more, have deliveries, how easy it all seemed, and was. I knew I was tired, but I was SO driven to get it done. I am still very pleased I did it. Yet……………

The next morning I woke up. My lumbar area had been exercised like it had not seen in years. For a couple of days I iced, moist heat, rest, spread goop, even resorted to Advil, which for me is HUGE…I did what I know to do…………………..then, when I asked why is this happening, I heard; You said you missed her, call Ann. ( My acupuncturist.) Oh, yea….that thought…………. that one, fully aligned, clear, sincere, authentic thought.

Yesterday, Sunday morning I started to text her private phone which I have, then deleted it. Its SUNDAY! Call her office phone like everyone else, leave a message for Monday morning, get in line. Professional respect. That felt better. So, I did. I left a message on the office phone to hear from her today, Monday.

Then I changed my story. My back feels great. My body know show to heal. My cells are healthy. There is innate Divinity alive in my muscles. I receive healing with grace & ease. It felt better. I had a good day with the help of some goop, no Advil.

Later that day, Sunday evening, I got a text from Ann. “I had to drop into the office, can you come tomorrow at 7?”

Always amazed at the power of our thinking. I KNOW how it works, I teach this, I live this – and yet, every now and then, I get to fully see it!

What you think is what you believe, what you believe is what you think. DONE! SNAP!

Many blessings of the Divine upon your day,

Deborah Evans Hogan

Alas; aghast.

Some days it is certainly challenging to understand this world, other than I am looking at insanity, a world asleep. I am aghast at how surface, shiny, shallowness is such a seductive enemy. How so many feel those options will fill their emptiness. It is beyond my comprehension, (and I consider this a good thing) that we are STILL, in our cultural evolution, seeing government decide on moral decisions, on what we can or cannot do with our own bodies. It simply makes no sense at all. There is so much I fail to agree with, or understand nor do I want to. For if I did, I would have to be insane, to some degree. If I did understand, I would be asleep, not awake to a loving, open, expansive world filled with respect, kindness, integrity and faith in a Higher Power. AND, it is my faith in the Divine Intelligence of Life that reminds me; everyone awakens at their own speed – we live in a world of diversity – this too shall pass and I create my individual life, I choose.

( I do realize and I do believe that we are seeing the tipping point in our spiritual evolution pushing old, old social and individual insanity to the surface to be released – and still…I am aghast that it even still exists. The past two months have been severely energetically challenging, and as an empath I know this first hand. I have felt the inner angst of women and that historical consciousness releasing, yet that process is sickening. I am appalled we are still working it, that we simply are not just BETTER at all this.)

I have not read news in over 30 years. Yet, through media osmosis, stories get through the cracks. When they do, I am sincerely aghast at the lack of kindness and integrity in too many lives. Yet, I know what we are shown is only a snippet of what is the ENTIRE story. Like yesterday………

I was randomly looking at a social media magazine that usually only writes of well known “celebrity” like people. Looking at this is a hoot, usually. It can transport me from my serious ministerial mind for a while. But yesterday they had an article on a family I know!!! (Did I dream that?) This is a regular un famous family that saw severe tragedy a few years ago. What I found appalling was how since this tragedy the entire true story has not come front and center. And you know what, it should not! The truth of the story is no ones business except the family, BUT, this idea of NEWS makes people think they are being given the entire story which is a lie. This is a blatant lie. And, it is insanity to think differently. You are NEVER given the whole story, ever. In anything you read in the news, hear in the news, or receive from another human being; you are NEVER given an entire story. AND people make judgements from this information; insanity.

Humans do this all the time, think they are seeing an entire picture. Humans feel safe believing in an idea of ‘finite’. This does not exist. There is always more. We never are given the whole story, only what the writer wants us to know, or all they can see. A story is continually and consistently unfolding friends.

If you see the world as insane, you are probably very healthy. There is a desperate lack of sacred awareness in too many lives. To see the sacredness is a choice. When we see love as something sacred, precious and holy; we change. We value differently. When we see our bodies as temples for the Divine, we do not abuse. When we realize choice is a sacred gift of the Creator, we consciously apply this to our lives. When we recognize sacredness in the everyday, in every act, in touch, in speech, in creating; we live as if this life and all lives matter greatly. When we recognize life as holy, we tread as if we are dancing with God and step with honor to humbly exist…..when we realize our sacredness.

Otherwise, it all appears a bit insane.

Deborah Evans Hogan

Presenting…my book.

Hopefully this will not be frowned down upon, but when one has just published their first book and they have an ongoing blog, it would be a missed opportunity to not let you all know.

Mystical Partnership: Extraordinary Experiences of an Ordinary Life. Available on line through Barnes & Noble, (not amazon), all books stores can order it for you.

Mystical Partnership, Extraordinary Experiences of an Ordinary Life, is an intimate non-fiction offering of one woman’s effects of her deep faith in the Divine, in God, in Universal Intelligence. Rev. Deborah Evans Hogan shares these stories of amazing experiences, healings, and spirit-driven guidance in order that others may know of the infinite nonphysical possibility of other ways to see, other ways to hear, others ways to believe, others ways to experience this journey on earth. To change the way we see a story, changes how we live our lives. To consciously change how we hold a past or present story that we carry in our emotional grid, changes our experience, and changes who we are. This incredible sharing of one ordinary woman’s immense faith and real-life encounters with what one calls the mystical can empower you to believe in a God energy that is always good, always has your back, and is always here for you. In partnering with the mystical, you align fully with your innate presence of unconditional love. (Both front & back covers below to entice you!)

Bless your day everyone!


Wake Up in JOY! (or not)

The other day I posted on my ministerial FB page (Deborah Evans Hogan of the Amethyst Light Ministry) a daily reminder of faith, of awakening in love with the Divine and looking forward to the day. Below is a response, and my response to them.

“Deb, you know me and you know my devotion to the Divine. With all my “knowing”, I still wake up afraid. Day after day, my first thought is kind of a “Oh wow, I guess I’m still here. How do I do this again?” I feel a sense of fear and worry as soon as I open my eyes it seems. I immediately greet the day, and my Beloved, but I so wish I could wake with the assurance and joy you describe. Is it just me? Is it just being human? Is it a chemical imbalance? I seem to struggle every morning until I get my spiritual footing in the day. ❤️

First off, I so admire this beloveds courage to publicly ask and voice her inquiry. Thank you Beth.

I have taken her response VERY seriously, deeply, not lightly – wanting to be sure to answer it in what I consider my full feedback.

It has been three mornings since I read your response – I awoke wondering about it and questioning if I ever wake up in fear, like you describe. The answer is no. I live fully assured of God the Good. I simply do not go to fear. (This does not mean I do not get frustrated during the day at some human stuff, I do! But I never stay in it for very long. Only once did get on the gerbil wheel of fear, and it taught me to have empathy for others who do, then it was gone.) I do not wake up every single day feeling gushy love for the Divine either. Some mornings I gush, I feel so much love I could burst – others, like this morning, I implemented out loud talk to align me with all the goodness the universe has to offer. BUT, when I do not, I DO feel positive anticipation in doing whatever it is I choose to do to get me there, for God never fails. Prayer, reading, meditating, talking aloud to God.

My out loud self talk is my favorite go to. I speak these words, or something like them, whatever comes tome. After each one I am quiet. I feel them. I am literally saying good morning to the energy of the spoken word.

“Good Morning God. – Good Morning Universe, Light, Love. – Good morning Joy. – Good Morning Peace, Integrity, and Tolerance. – Good Morning Jesus, my angels, Masters, Guides & Teachers. Good Morning art, beauty, joy. – Good Morning to the Sun, the clouds, the grass, trees, critters, birds and bugs. – Good Morning to holy connection, hugs, kindness, clarity, communication, and unexpected abundance! – Good morning patience. –” (You get the idea, whatever comes to you. Make the connection, feel it, before you go on to the next.)

Here are some of my faithful beliefs and knowing’s that I imagine prevent me from going to fear. Having faith in the Divine is one thing, but understanding what that does for us is another. A faith in an intellectual concept of God does not really shift our vibration. But, as we embody what are called Truths, our vibration does shift.

  1. It is my knowing & belief that we chose to come here to this earth plane. AND this is a privilege AND it is meant to be FUN and JOYFUL.
  2. It is my knowing & belief that we are living in the one place in the universe where we have dire polarity. The dark at one end, the light at the other. We always have a choice which we look at, pay attention to and dance with. In this we are aligning our own cells with that resonance.
  3. It is my knowing & belief that we do not live in a reality of ‘fact’, as too many think. We are making this ALL up! We are each a creative genius.
  4. I rest assured each moment that God is Good and it is MY joy to remember this! So, when I am not experiencing full alignment with my Godliness, or Faith – it is that MOMENT of JOY I have to bring myself there. You see, I do not get on a gerbil wheel of fear, I GENTLY notice I am not in the very best mind/heart set I could be, and I breathe and think of God and I AM there.
  5. One of the nastiest tricks the ego plays on the human mind is that we have to do something. We THINK we have to fix something, change something, force something, make something happen – when all we ‘have’ to do is remember God, think of the Divine and ALL that means to us, does for us, and we for it. 5 seconds maybe.

All in all, life here is practice. AND, yes, we are here another day and that is glorious! We get to recognize GOD! When we transition, and go home, we are still the same person we are now; BUT on the other side there is only unconditional love. (I write more about this in my book.)

TREMENDOUS love to you Beth. Thank you for this inquiry. I certainly hope this helps a bit.

Thank you anyone who is reading.

Many blessings, Deborah


Merriam Webster states, in short, that integrity is strong moral character, whole and undivided, being honest. What does this have to do with ones spiritual journey? Everything.

In order to grow, expand, awaken and become, (and reap the benefits one is hoping for in reaching that state) as is the purpose of committing to a spiritual path, we must look within, seek within and shift from within. Any teacher or guide worth seeing is going to have you turn back into yourself to see why and what is within you, in alignment with anything.

In mentoring, guiding and counseling others along their paths, my goal is 100% responsibility. In other words, to live fully by The Laws of the Universe, Laws of God, Laws of Creation; that we are creators. In this you recognize your formidableness and God Spark Seed.

100% responsibility is not everyone’s favored thing, at least not in the beginning. In the beginning, say a first session, some folks can be very angry, upset and hurt when you call them on their stuff. Like yesterday. This very sweet woman and I having our first zoom session – in the beginning she was right up front at the screen, so pleased to have ‘elder’ guidance as she called it. By the end of the session she had pulled herself back away from the screen with her arms crossed in front of her, almost fully shut down. She still wanted to blame and fix her relatives behavior – rather than realize she is manifesting these interactions through her beliefs. It was the first time in 30 years I actually felt ‘bad’, yet when we said good bye she thanked me, for she said, “I know it is not easy to call others on their own stuff.” Later in the day I emailed her a link to another spiritual counselor who is very soft spoken in voice and offerings who I feel she would like.

One of my favorite quotes from a client is, “I know you will never lie to me or coddle me, for you see the highest and best of me.”

Yes, I do. Always. I also fully trust spirit that what comes through me is what the client is able to handle. Perhaps it is planting seeds, or fully getting them in alignment, but I trust it completely. All I am offering anyone are Universal Laws, that I live by, call myself to and have seen work for hundreds of others for almost 30 years. I stand in full integrity with these. (And why would I waste our time and your money to coddle and there by support your lack-less-than thinking?)

Now, when we are growing, learning, practicing (which is everyone in human form all the time) sometimes we are ‘split’ in our beliefs. We ‘like’ the idea of a spiritual truth, but standing in it, we are wavering – one foot in and one foot out – not in full balance , not on a solid foundation of faith in the Truth. This is when we like what we see, not when we dislike what we see. For me, integrity is aligning fully, putting ALL our faith in a Spiritual Law, and standing in that, trusting that.

Taking responsibility does not mean you are responsible for THEIR reactions. Taking responsibility is showing up in integrity; honestly, kindly, lovingly, faithfully. Take responsibility for YOUR responses and REACTIONS, for how YOU express and not holding anyone else responsible for how you are feeling. As well as knowing, YOU are not responsible for how they feel either.

Integrity, walking your talk. If you are unhappy, check the talk you are walking.

with great love,


Is Unity possible in the land of Diversity?

Yesterday my favorite radio station posed a question – what do you do in your life to grow unity?

In these time’s of what appears as severe separation on so many levels, I actually saw it as a brave conversation start up. But then, as listeners shared, I once again found myself as the horse of a different color, the one with a different perspective.

People answered from a personal perspective, mostly about family time. Beautiful answers, just not mine. It was perfect, as all is, for I was on a roll yesterday in what I may call my ‘unity’ outreach. My answers are simple, at least for me. Little things which come down to, I share my happy with strangers. Yup, that is my unity mission; share my happy.

When I am at the drive thru line at Dunkin’s for a hit of caffeine; I pay for the person behind me. I ask the drive up barista to please tell them to have a blessed day. I laugh with the Universe, cuz’ it is never just a coffee! One time it must have been for their entire office and thankfully I had just enough cash on me! What I love about this is I like to imagine it makes a difference in their day and their hearts. It is never about who they are, or how they appear to me. I don’t care if they cut me off in traffic at the turn into the lot – I just pay for the folks order who are behind me. I wonder and obviously imagine that perhaps, just perhaps, it felt like an act of random kindness to them and they know that there are simply nice people in the world and they needed to hear that at just that time.

I also interact with people. Strangers in the grocery store, at the ice cream stand. Complementing beautiful families, laughing with a six year old, saying good morning to an elder, wishing someone a blessed day. I participate in life with those around me. We are all people, all in the same spot, a store, a line at the same time. Yesterday when I came out of Staples I could not help but be drawn in by these two beautiful women laughing by their car and we noticed one another and began a quick communion. Women laughing. I told them I had been pulled in by their joy and radiance! What a sweet exchange we had. All of 60 seconds. Made my day!

The world is certainly in a crisis of separation. It is, unfortunately, too easy to observe an enormous crevice between 3D linear perspectives and multidimensional ones. It is truly amazing how we may be speaking English, but what is heard is totally different than what was said. Our vibrations are worlds apart. Different language. I see this each day. Families, siblings, adult children disconnecting from their parents. People believing that if we think differently, we cannot connect. (I speak from a personal experience about this as well.) My way is not YOUR way, so there is not a way, is the theme. Dang, it is so harsh to my heart. How, how do we find connection if we do not seek it? And then we seek it, and it cannot be found – and separation takes place.

Does the idea of unity, as in mankind, mean we have to agree? Can there be a heartfelt connection that goes beyond linear choices? If one being comes from fearful thinking and the other from love – can they find connection?

It appears to me, that the false belief in separation is at hand. This belief that we are separate from God, separate from the Creator, separate from our maker. I find exhaustion in seeing how politics, gender roles, religion, skin color – labels; separate us. Do we like or not like based on linear choices? Are we not each searching for our pod? For those we have a deeper connection with? We do, it is natural. We praise diversity, then we make choices that divide us. Is it dividing or is it setting another person on their way, releasing them to find their own pod? Go forth and find those who you can feel connection with. But, is fear seeking connection? Is it the old; misery likes company?

Different human perspectives. Our attachment to right/wrong ways of being causing so much pain. Seeing or hearing what another said in a different way than they mean it. It has been said that LOVE makes the world go around but, does it? Love certainly heals, but can it be that diversity makes the world move, connect, disconnect, come together, come apart, and back together again. Diversity certainly gets hearts and mind moving!

I do not believe that full unity can exist here on this earth plane. I do not see us being here for that. So many souls, so many stories, so many choices, so many beliefs to choose from! All these labels I do not like do give us ways to feel validated as well as feeling not alone. Who are we when we strip away all that? When we strip away all the choices of what we individually see as the right way, or the wrong way, as the good or the bad, as this or that – what is left?

I believe a Light Being. A soul who has on their human costume for a while, living this incarnation thru a mix of intentions, contracts, past lives, interests and karma. We are each a big ole’ mix of what we have been, and what we imagine ourselves to be – and mostly, what we are – a soul, a speck of the Divine. And to those who do not agree with me, I am totally whacked.

I needed to vent here and I thank you for reading. A person most dear to me, a member of my family, sees me as whacked, says they have been deeply hurt by things I have said and see’s no way for us to have a relationship. I want their happiness above all else even if I am not part of it – yet not being part of it is crushing. How can we be so far apart? I am baffled and I get it, because we are. As close as we are relatively, it is true, we are VERY different people – but, are we very different souls? To me, that is the answer and the connection. Love never stops, even on different paths.

Many blessings to you.

Deborah Evans Hogan

What One is Not Like the Others?

The top image, a lone purple bearded ready to bloom forth iris in a sea of soon to be orange day lilies. Can you see it? So proud that it has forged its way through the lily patch. For the past eight seasons, as long as we have lived at our current home, ONLY orange day lilies have blossomed here, in this spot. I saw other leaves, but never a bloom. Then last fall, (see second photo below) I dug up some bearded iris that somehow found their way to blossoming each summer on the sandy side of our 100 year old sand and dirt driveway through a pile of winter plowed rocks. I transplanted them on the corner of this garden plot, to the side of the lilies, about a foot away. They are ripe with blooms! Then, now, THIS happened. Do you get it? “Oh…something that looks like me, now I can stand up straight and be proud. NOW, I can bloom. NOW, I can forge my way through all the difference….its okay…I am not alone.”

So much like us people folk, like all of nature. My dear friend adopted a little girl from Cambodia many years ago. The first Sunday she brought her to church, at the age of four, her daughter locked eyes with another little girl, newly adopted from China. “Oh, someone looks like me, more so than this sea of white, blue eyed people.” They ran down the aisle for each other and hugged. Best friends.

All any of us really want is to feel we belong. Why? Is it because we need that validation of approval? Why when we are different is it so hard to allow our difference to shine? Remember the game, what one is not like the other ones? The one circle in a picture of five blocks? Were we taught to celebrate that difference or remove it because it was not like the others? Truly, what ideas are we planting?

The musician in a family of money analysts? Or the artist in a house full of bankers. Or the six year old financial genius with rock star parents. We all love to feel like we belong. As a very young mother I had a friend who was highly intellectual, and her husband a physician. Their first born was a daughter who was a musical prodigy. Their second child, a boy, was a true football player at two years of age. If it went fast, if he could climb it, if he could jump off of it – he was there from time he could walk. And all I can remember is the mother always complained, always wanted him to be different, to settle down.

It is difficult to feel courage when we are the only one standing. But, if we can love simply for loving and not for conditional reasons, like what one looks like, their political preferences, or the color of skin, or the type of flower, or the idea we all have to be interested in the same thing – then we can encourage our diversity, not run away from it because we are afraid.

with great love, Deborah


Good Morning. How are you?

For those of you who feel you are an empath, or an HSP, or an old soul, or an introvert – listen up. Recently, in between adding up receipts for taxes (which I dislike more than I can find words to express) and replying to my editor’s final tweaks on my book (which also puts me into an emotional frenzy where my hands sweat and my head spins at the idea that this kind of pickiness is actually helpful – which intellectually I know – and even necessary – which somewhere deep down I understand although grammar gives me the heebee jeebeis) —–so, back to recently……….I have been reading as much as I can on being an empath, an HSP, an old soul and an introvert. This combination is brutal. Yes, a gift, and yes, brutal. I seek and read articles not because I do not understand these labels, I do – but because it is like finding an old friend who adores and loves you. Reading articles about myself feels calming to my soul and gives me validation to help me get off what may feel like the crazy train.

I came across wonderful articles on the web – google empath burnout and see what you find. Empath burnout. A thing. Even though I have lived aware of it daily for many years, the past two months it rolled into a huge ball and I am still there. It is interesting to be in a dark hole AND be aware.

In a life where one feels everything – and most linear things people take for granted we find offensive to our soul – let’s just say life feels exhausting at times. I know when I am really off my path, meaning when I am not honoring my soul – and yet I simply keep going till I crash and burn. Right now I am burning. It’s okay. One day, maybe even today, I will get back fully on my path. Meaning, I will honor my mind, body and spirit through the right foods and other nurturance. I know I will, I always do. But, for right now, I am in empath burnout. Or, compassion exhaustion; it is a thing.

An empath feels everything in the room. All the emotions said and unsaid. All that has been spoken, done and experienced – in one room. There are different types of empaths, and then there is the one kind that is an empath to everything – even structures, and people, and animals, and plants. Everything is different than the linear world states it should be accomplished. Have you ever house shopped? You know the question, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. would you like? I freeze. This question makes me sweat. How do I know? I need to feel the house. Just let me in the houses I see I like and then I will know if it works for me. Once I had a friend from church who was a realtor. He was the best! He took me to ANY house I wanted, no matter its criteria. I always know my house when I see it on the web or on paper. But then, there are others I need to go to and he brought me! We did great work that time together; clearing houses of old trauma. I would feel and perhaps see the issue and be able to help those souls who were left behind from the trauma – a house with a fire was one of them. A soul was still there who had not yet crossed, so the house was not selling. It was all an act of service, under the guise of real estate! I love that!

Compassionate burnout is not only when we have witnessed many others stories for healing, (all caregivers, clergy, therapists, etc.) but also from inauthentic people. Inauthentic people, and people who give more power to their deficits than the Truth, and people who hide from themselves. Empath high alert. It is interesting what a trigger this is for us, and also when we are not being true to ourselves as empaths, HSP’s, old souls, introverts; we trigger ourselves!

Because being highly sensitive is not easy in this world, at least for me, I know exactly when I fall off my path. My thing is I turn to food my body does not like. And I hide. I hide in my room. This is my gerbil wheel. And, I spin. I spin until I am so dang tired I fall off.

It is clear to see how many people shut down in order to not feel. I fully understand that. It is a form of protection. Someone very dear to me has done this. They have yet to realize they are a gifted intuitive/empath and have emotionally shut down from the feeling world via their work life which is highly successful in the linear world of finance. One day it, for many of us, the feeling world simply feels like too much, and some choose protection mode.

And an awake Empath, who is also an HSP, an Old Soul and an Introvert knows better than to run away. Our being in this world IS a gift and CAN help others. BUT, we MUST, we absolutely MUST take care of ourselves, for no one else can do that for us.

Please, take excellent care of yourself. Take breaks from work. Take breaks from life, as in a vacation. Talk to someone. Reach out to a friend…someone who really gets you. If you are NOT an introvert, online groups may work for you. You may have to find ways to simplify your life so you can LIVE your life. (A smaller home, hiring help to do tasks that drain you, moving to where you have always felt drawn.) The most helpful thing for me, is speaking with an authentic person who gets me fully, one who we are aligned with one another in our sensitivities. It may only take a phone call. Going to make that right now…….

with great love to you, Deborah

Forgiveness, go for it.

I am awake in the middle of the night buying books online and feeling grateful for Amazon. Before you verbally accuse me; yes, I buy from small shops too. But not at 1 in the morning. I realize Jeff Bezos is a conglomerate – I get it. AND I am grateful for my computer and buying power when I cannot sleep.

I awoke thinking about forgiveness. So many of us hold onto old stories, misinterpretations, and grudges, hurts and blaming others for not living up to our expectations of them – and it hurts us! Not them. This victim mentality of blaming others for our own unhappiness is violently against unconditional love, Gods love, Universal Love – it is deeply, deeply harsh, sad and horrible. This kind of holding on hurts your body, your health, your life. This holding on affects every single aspect of your life! My empathic heart aches for those who share with me this disease. The disease of lack of forgiveness.

We must learn to forgive. Learn it through the bible, through A Course in Miracles, through reading Colin Tipping’s books – through a counselor, a member of the clergy, a therapist – just go for it! Go for forgiving others.

Stop being a victim to other peoples ignorance, stop blaming your parents, step into the power of love, the power of YOU. Know that whatever anyone said about you is a reflection of them, not you. Whatever horrible, lack, unloving, unkind, yucky thing they said to you – has nothing to do with you.

AND forgive yourself. Don’t you get tired of your children blaming you? Don’t you get tired of you blaming your family for what they did or didn’t do?

FORGIVE, and move on. STOP letting that conversation from ten years ago be your go to for your failures. STOP verbally hanging your past best friend out to dry for the time they cheated on you with your spouse. STOP letting your parents choices of bad behavior be your emotional jumping off point.

Grievances cause illness in our bodies. Carrying a grievance towards another person of any kind will make you sick.

It is amazing how we blame others for not being what we think they should be. Think about that. Even our families, relatives. There was a time I blamed my mother for my life. She was an alcoholic. She was the picture of lack of self confidence. She was addicted to prescription drugs. Really…I’m going to blame her for being sad, feeling unloved and not being the parent I wanted? Well, I stopped that many years ago. Through love, the chains of blame were cut loose and it changed me COMPLETELY.

Perhaps you blame your childhood, or your children are blaming you for not being the parent or person they think you should be. (A lot of that going around.) A persons opinion (relatives included) says everything about them and has nothing to do with you.

I realize forgiveness does not come easily to many. Some hold onto having to see the person change. Some hold onto needing the person to take the fault, make amends, do the right thing. In some cases, what could possibly be enough?

I am telling you, forgiveness works. It is the answer to unhappiness, failed relationships, career challenges – all of it. Learn to forgive and your entire life changes for good.

with great love, Rev Deb

So, so, so Tired of ……………

Being an empath at this time in our evolution is quite exhausting. Glancing into the outer world is proving deeply challenging. For me, it is not a matter of protection, but a matter of carefully and cautiously choosing any engagement at all – no matter how short, slight, who it may involve or if it is only a glance, a moment of hearing a sentence, or simply feeling one person’s silent response.

We are so far from living our worth, our loving selves. And for this empath it is excruciating. This is not about asking for help, or suggestions; I know what to do. I have lived this way for many, many years. But truly, right now it is a swirling tub of dark mud. Holding my inner balance, raising my heart to meet my highest self is possible – and then there are the egos that simply are turning away, and acting out from an accumulation of unhealed lies and wounds that they are blaming the most open loving heart they can find. It’s like having a bullseye on my forehead.

(Speaking of forehead, I will say wearing a cap over my crown and third eye has been MOST helpful.)

It is hard to imagine that the ego, especially in male bodies, could possibly ever get any louder, more wounded, sensitive or down right mean. I am nauseous as I write this – it is incredible! The actions I have witnessed of wounded male ego’s this past month is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I am so, so, so tired of ego’s aggressiveness, lack of empathy, self centeredness. I am SO, so, so tired of sensitive egos. So, so, tired of people not doing their own work, blaming others, not taking responsibility for their actions. I am so tired of ignorance. I am so tired of killings, mayhem and tragedy. I am so tired of white privilege, of humans judging others by color, ancestry, of people wondering where a person was really born and how they got to the states! I am so, so, tired of the relentless ways people protect wrong doing. I am so tired of lies. Lies are a terribly, horrific disease. One who lies under the misconceptions that it protects others from hurt, carries these lies with them and those lies will kill their bodies, cause illness and eventually leave them all alone, by themselves, for hiding makes one a very lonely person. When the ego carries lies, it prevents one from true authentic human heart connection. All an empath wants is true authentic heart connection – and the ego is sure to run from that.

Are you an empath, and/or H.S.P. who has people falling out of your life? Yes, that. Yup, lots of it. Deep breaths. Yes, even family.

I thank God each day of my faith and knowledge of life. I know we thrive on, this earth life is temporary, at the holy center of each of us is love and all this shall pass. I thank God it is spring where I live and I can be in my yard, in dirt, with seeds, blossoms and compost – where I can feel aligned and renewed. I thank God I have a loving, supportive life partner who lets me know each day how much he loves me.

Thank you for reading my rant. May your day know blessings of unconditional love.