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death & dying, one of my favorite subjects to share about. i find there is no more intimate space & time in our humanness than to be with another, when they are leaving their body and going home. in the midst of when many are fearful, i  am most at home, with my heart wide open, over flowing with love and my joy for another at its height. let me tell you why.

  • combining all my experiences i have had in this realm and others concerning dying, i know their is none. the body does turn to ash, but our being-ness, our souls, our isness; is eternal. 
  • i have witnessed souls leave their physical containers. for me, they appear as a grey mass of energy.
  • i have witnessed the final breath of many, taken AFTER the soul exits the body, as it is the final mechanical bodily response. 
  • i have sat with bodies post ‘death’, and when you do this, you KNOW the person who you knew is no longer present, even though their body is.
  • i know from my own experience, there is an ‘other side’, an ‘other realm’, a ‘heaven’.
  • i have had and continue to have conversations, sightings and messages from those who have ‘died’. for me, this can be part of my everyday – their is no veil between realities.

one of my most joyful sharing moments is to help to educate others, so the fear stigma of a loved one dying is removed from their belief system as well as what i call – ‘dying etiquette’.

on the top of my dying etiquette list is, when you are visiting a loved one who is leaving their body, making their transition, PLEASE know, they can hear every word you say in their presence.

  • do not speak as if they are not in the room.
  • do not use harsh language or tell negative stories.
  • do not ignore them.
  • do not speak loudly.
  • do not argue.
  • do not  whisper secretly in the corner of their room.
  • be the most respectful you have ever been in your entire life.

i believe  being with a loved one at the time of their transition is a sacred and holy event. if you are fortunate enough to be part of ones inner circle, know this is for THEM. your relationship has eternally connected you together and you are here to support them in the purest love possible.  

no fear in the room, the house or other. do not bring your fear. our souls know no fear. how many times have you heard; ‘she died the one hour i left to go home to shower! i had been their every night & day for a week, and i MISSED it!’ No, you did not miss it, it was however, the only time the soul had that was a present and most loving state in the room so it could exit the body. 

the dying process is the soul separating from the ego. the ego loves fear. when one is with another who is leaving their body, and the guest is afraid for them, or does not want them to die, or thinks this experience is a bad thing, or going on and on in a morbid way about how much they will miss them; these emotions and feelings make it easier for the ego to stay and most difficult for the soul to detach.

dying, leaving ones body, is a very similar experience for the soul as being born is. as the human gestation period is nine months, there also can be a gestation period for one to make their transition to the other realm. very often we will see this in the elderly, or one with a lengthy illness, or one under hospice care. a pregnant woman will know when their baby’s soul is present, they FEEL it…then one day, they do not feel anything at all. when one does not feel a connection to their child, the soul is traveling, going home, then it drops back in the human form developing…..’getting use to things’. the same is true when we ‘die’. our souls leave for while, we may sleep for many hours, or be in a non communicative state – our soul, that which we are, is traveling home, then, it will come back and literally drop in. have you ever sat with a ‘dying’ beloved and witnessed the jerking awakening? the soul literally drops back in. the slow long deaths which those who are left behind here on earth may call painful and terrible to see; are actually very  nice for the soul. it gives our true essence time to get use to the transition from being in human form. 

that being said, when there is a sudden death, or self inflicted death, or arduous dying process or we have lived a very angry and unloving (unable to give or receive)  life; we first spend time in what i call a hospital for the soul, before making our complete transition home. at this time, we are surrounded by our non-physical beloveds, who support our full healing process to remembering our innate divinity.

you will also see, if you are able to witness, one transitions home as they lived here on earth: 

  • i have witnessed the man who only wanted to help others, who lived a life out of joy of loving life, not out of fear, who appeared in perfect health, have a surprise aneurysm on his front porch one morning. one moment here, one moment home.
  • i have witnessed many fearful people have difficulty leaving their bodies. understandable, with no comprehension of what is next, the letting go and letting God concept is foreign to them.
  • i have witnessed a very fearful elderly person take years of different illnesses, in and out of hospitals. we finally had the chance to talk about his fears, he left shortly afterwards.
  • i have witnessed people who lived lives of abuse of others, die in what many would call a tragic death.
  • i have witnessed very controlling people have challenging processes, not able to let go.

at a point, the soul wants to leave the body.  but this is never out of fear – it is always out of love. 

it is very important to have open talks with your spouses or loved ones concerning your wishes.

it is best to not have too many people around. if dying at home, a home filled with love and ordinary day to day action, but not too many people in the room at one time. 

create an atmosphere of peace. perhaps music they loved. no tv, like too many people in the room,  it is distracting and confusing. remember, during a dying process a person is hypersensitive. you will find touching them may be uncomfortable for them. (very often the soul is trying to leave and one holds a hand and it pulls the soul back in) do not feel like someone has to be with them every moment. it is okay. they have hard work to do, dying takes a lot of energy. 

their animals will want to be with them.

i was with a beloved at her dying process. her son sat on one side of her bed, i the other. i asked her why she still had her glasses still on, “Deborah, i don’t want to miss anything.” 

it is my most loving intention this writing will reach those who can feel supported by these words. 

i love you, RevDeb

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Sometimes i awake in the midst of the night thinking……how can there be anything more to say? 

I do not know about you, but my FB page is a stream of spiritual messages from here, there & everywhere. Lovely. Encouraging. Uplifting. Compassionate. Helpful. Positive. I have been consciously & intentionally journeying this path of  seeking for near 40  years – looking under every rock, reading hundreds of books, seeking churches and communities to fill me up. I have been a student, a teacher, a guide & the one guided. So many rolls and experiences have been touched. Now, i sit back and observe – we are and they all are; saying the same thing. We are beginning to be repetitive monkeys. 

We know we must be loving. We know kindness rules. We know tolerance is necessary for a peaceful world. We know our thoughts become things. We know emotions are at the root of all illness. We know we can turn our heart from looking at what we do not want to what we want. At this point, there are probably MORE gurus & spiritual teachers than there are students. Is there anything new to be spoken, written, explored?

Yes, you.

Since each one of us are individual souls with our own unique energies birthed through our own experiences, stories & journey;  it is our own unique offering which is left – and there you have it; more teachers & gurus than students. The spark of this is; be your own. Be your own teacher. You are your own teacher. Bring yourself back to your self. 

The one thing all teachers have in common is their individuality – the way they present, their alignment. It is expressed in their stance, their voice, the words they choose. We may all be repeating monkeys, BUT, an excellent spiritual guide, i believe, will always bring you back to yourself.  YOU; are your own very best teacher.

Perhaps this is where we are in our collective journey – each one back to themselves; turning inside out, revealing and reveling in their own word, actions and ideas. …and simply offering it up to the world. Each soul the teacher, each soul the student, each soul the guru, each soul the guide. Can you sit with this and feel it?  It is immensely simple.

Everyone we encounter, no matter their label in our play called this incarnation, is in our lives to support us to turn into our selves – and see. Be a voyeur of your mind, your own thoughts, your own instincts, your own choices, your own reasons, your own replenishment, your own beingness. 

In a Sunday service once, some 15 or so years ago when i was in active church ministry i stated that i thought our goal was to get naked. I went onto explain; after ah-has, oh’s, laughter and quizzical expressions – i believe our goal, or our spiritual journey  could be all about being so okay with ourselves, that we walk around emotionally naked, exposed – with no guilt, shame or lies to hide us. That our goal, just may be, might be, to grow into such loving and awake beings; that we turn ourselves inside out for everyone to see. OR the turning inside out is an EFFECT of …no fear, no lack; so full up with love, forgiveness and joy – it is all that is left to be. 

And then, what more would there be to say?

with much love, RevDeb

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– Healer, Master Energy Practitioner, Teacher & Member of the Clergy

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The other day I read a quote ; ‘we must pay more attention to our mental health’. I know the circumstances from which this sentence came, the experience the person had recently had which created this thought in his mind. Yes, we must. BUT…………………………..

When we give ourselves a strong spiritual understanding, touchstone, foundation – our chances of being healthy in every aspect of our lives is increased a thousandth fold.

Stating we have mental health, physical health, emotional health; separate. I believe beyond a minuscule speck of doubt; our foundation has to be our spiritual health. Without an embodied spiritual faith and understanding in the Laws of the Universe – we rock and roll through life, depending/looking to/on separateness rather than our wholeness. When we see and know ourselves to be created from the Creator, The Divine Architect, made in Its perfection, we see a whole; not a body, a mind, emotions….parts and pieces.

One of Deepak Chopra’s earliest books was on spiritual answers for any problem, then Wayne Dyer wrote  There is a Spiritual Solution to every problem.

What does this look like? It looks like this: Children are born into families who are healthy, loving and stable – because the parents have done their work, as i call it. They have stepped up to faith in the non-physical, taken 100 % responsibility for their choices, there are no more lies, blame, guilt, shame, (knowing they make a very unstable foundation!) – have forgiven all that needs forgiving, have stepped from victim to empowered, have healthy boundaries and know love is all that matters. The parents know kindness, they know diversity is wholeness, they embody tolerance, and a collective awareness of the Universal Whole. They are healthy in all aspects of their lives; and when a life experience comes along – they seek within for guidance.

When we know this, we know love. Not a conditional love based on if you are doing what i want, but a love which allows for expression, growth and joy. A love which trusts God, the Creator, whatever your name is for the Isness of that which we are.

When we are taught /shown to seek internally, to become aware of our eternal connection to the Creator – we are given a foundation of our wholeness. When we have been brought up to believe we have separateness within us, we seek externally and many times, never find an answer; hence, human pain expressed as inhuman actions to others. Wholeness is an awareness of our humanity, our collective.

We are witnessing much pain in the world now, the collective pain, ancestral and worldly is being exposed, due to the collective of Love which has risen.  In seeking an understanding, we must honor spiritual truths, and go within. We must, each day, consistently reconnect our personal awareness of our Divine Isness and feed our humanness of this truth – in order to not be swept up in the rock and roll of separate sighted humanness. We  remind ourselves of our wholeness, we recognize in our human skin we are separate bodies journeying for individual greater purpose – and in our Isness we are specks of a Divine, non physical whole.

head shot looking down Rev. Deborah Evans Hogan

Healer, Master Energy Practitioner, Teacher & Member of the Clergy





Creating. We are each always doing this. Through our thinking, expressing, looking at, engaging with, dreaming about, talking about, aligning with, desiring, praying…….each moment; creating. Our thoughts, when dwelled upon and given life, become our beliefs….and our beliefs attain an energetic level within our cellular beingness; creating, being given life, manifesting.

Our responsibility in this Divine Transaction  is: are you creating from fear or love? Think about it.

Desiring anything from fear holds no weight. It will dissolve of its own lack of substance. Such a desire will blow over in too heavy a wind, it will melt in too much passion and dissolve when met with greater strength. 

Any desire can be birthed from either nest; love or fear. 

Take for example a relationship – do you want a relationship out of love? Out of sharing, creating together, supporting one another, seeing each others dreams come into reality? Or do you want a relationship from lack? Do you want someone else to make you happy – or do you want to share the joy you already know you are? Do you desire a relationship because you feel like you are not enough? As is the old story – do you want another to ‘complete you’? 

Let me tell you a secret – you are already complete. Seek another whole, not another half.

Too many marry because  the thought is, they need me. Where does that direct the relationship? One in that thinking will always see their ‘partner’ as less than, not fulfilled, needy. Think about it.

As humans we may want something in our lives – but do we want it because we realize we are already it and we wish to see it manifested through our alignment???? OR do we want it because we feel it has to be given to us & we are empty without it?  

Millions of us want peace – but do we want peace out of fear of war OR do we want peace from a knowing within us that PEACE is our natural state and we BELIEVE in it as a possibility? Do we believe in PEACE as a state of being OR do we believe more in  the fear of what insanity (misalignment) can do to mankind? 

Are you saying ‘war is this and that? OR are you aligning with, PEACE is a possibility, I believe in the concept that man can live in putting kindness to humanity first in their lives….I am excited to see our work in peace, IN LEADERS sharing, in men & women truly leading from fairness to all. I am excited to see the ego dissolved; and the heart reigning.’

Are you making choices out of attachment? Out of lack? Out of dissatisfaction? OR from JOY? 

In supporting a client to seek new employment, our conversation always goes back to: what do you WANT to do, what lights your fire, what moves you? And the left brain answer is always; i was trained to do this. The left brain cannot see beyond the label on the box. The left brain does not know there is CHOICE, creation, another way to SEE. 

Left/Right Brain Conversation

R) Are you cold?

L) The thermostat says 53.

R) I asked if you are cold.

L) The thermostat says 53, it is cold.

R) I asked if you are FEELING cold…..

L). The thermostat says 53………….

and on & on we go……….

Even in our daily life, are you making choices out of fear or love? Too many make healthy choices from fear, other than from a positive attitude. Too many are at a subliminal war within them selves, not recognizing their inner higher power, not yet aligned with  the strength from which we are made of and from. 

When we stop recognizing fears or negaitivty and begin to see our hearts, our souls, our Highest & most magnificent Light, the Light of Infinite Possibilities; “YES, you can” will take place. Authenticity will take place.  Creating from internal awareness & possibility takes place! 

Shared with Love.

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Healer, Master Energy Practitioner, Teacher, Member of the Clergy.





Happy Silence.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, we are made of that which creates worlds. Others may say we are created of stardust, Light or simply; of the vibration of LOVE. Our inner being is what we truly are – our essence, our Self, our Higher, better, more loving Self. I say, our Beingness is of the Highest most loving caliber possible, created with the frequency of Love, holding the vibrations of tolerance, kindness, abundance, joy, freedom, creativity,  and all infinite good and blessed ‘things’.

Whenever we are feeling off, or unhappy, or whaling like a babe for no apparent reason, depressed, sad, or other emptiness; we are engaged with a belief which goes against our True Nature, our Beingness. Our heart center feels deprived, because our present thinking has lowered our frequency, taken our intention away from the Truth of Love.

Sitting each day, meditating, is the path to freedom. This is the time we make our awareness be engaged with our Beingness, the fullness of Presence. I do believe, it is the most helpful, beneficial and necessary tool we have – and one needs nothing outside themselves to do it. You need buy nothing, read nothing, listen to nothing – in order to hear your own breath and loudness of silence.

Blessed meditating. Go listen to your breath. It will change your life – for the good.

with love, Deborah

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Healer, Master Energy Practitioner, Teacher & Member of the Clergy

LOVE purple flowers


a new way of being. a new world. a new paradigm. a new perspective. – at this point, all used & overused book, movie and article titles. yet, still profound, needed and in the process of.

i awoke thinking about a world i would want to live in. i soon realized, our world, this earth is here to offer us contrast, options, this and this and this so we can use the gift of freedom and choose…….’that’. in this realm of thought, with respect to choice as our most vital spiritual gift there appears to be no more an important truth than; “it all begins with me.”  let this be our new mantra, our new theme, our way of being, our intention & the foundation upon which we be; IT ALL BEGINS WITH ME.

no matter where you are or what you are experiencing, the next moment begins with you. the conversation you are having, the experience, the intention, your day – it all begins with you – with your input, the way you will respond, the choice of your next move, the perception from which you receive a comment, weather or not you choose to dive in or walk away, will you be kind or angry. will you laugh at or sympathize, will you offer the best you are able through faith in ones Creator – or will you destroy the idea one offered you which makes no sense with your beliefs? will you choose love, or not?

i find myself contemplating what could education really look like?  how do we raise such vibrant, kind, loving souls that they in return teach in a vibrant, loving kind manner? 

we have children who are bullying each other! we have children who devalue their own opinions so deeply, they are having sex at twelve. we have daughters who want to diet before they even begin their menstrual cycles. we have sons who think they can force there bodies on women. we are NOT doing or being the most we are capable of.

how can we who have faith, offer to others, that even though you do not SEE another person raising themselves up to kindness, patience, love, openness – this does not mean YOU cannot express it in their presence. how else will we ever live in peace, if we, as individuals; do not express value of our own desires?

everything begins with ourselves as individuals souls, humans, beings; capable of making immediate choices as to how we want to show up.

something to think about.

In Light,

Deborah Evans Hogan

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The Importance of Happiness

2017, my very well loved Buddah - got a renewal spray!

It is okay to be happy. We are not always told this & rarely shown it. Isn’t this what great masters & teachers have expressed, be happy? Seek your joy.

Too many have been brought up in an environment where being happy is not the foundation. Above all else, as Abraham (Hicks) teaches us; we want another thought for just one thing, to feel better – for are we not each reaching for happiness?

I get my happy when I am in the witness of others who are happy. Don’t you? The others may be mates, children, pets, a dancer on the street we do not know the name of, a funny video……a perfect line in a book…..the moments we are feeling happy are infinite. I get deep happy when a client has great news – when a shift has taken place in their vibration and they are seeing the manifestations of such. That is my joy. When another person has had the profound experience of a moment in time of knowing; ‘there is more, there is something else going on here, there is an invisible somethingness at work here.’

There may be experiences that bring us great satisfaction, or deep contentment – but happy is different, and joy even more so. Happy can be fleeting – joy lands in ones cells. Imagine, taking ones life, okay, maybe one year…or lets begin with one day: and you only say yes to things that make you happy.

“I’d love to want to be with you, but that will not make me happy, so….no thank you.”

Imagine making your happiness the prerequisite for any decision in your life?

I believe happy, and joy is necessary. I believe we each have a responsibility to seek it; consciously. This means, we make choices based on love, not fear. We make choices based on our intuition, our interior compass, our inner being. True joy comes from living from internally out – knowing our inside job is the most important job we have – for our happiness influences others….and gives them permission to also seek, from the happy space.

Will that choice make me happy?  If I show up with that particular agenda…..does that intention make me happy?

I love you – meet you at the joy space!


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Deborah Evans Hogan – Healer, Master Energy Practitioner, Teacher, Member of the Clergy

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Hello! I have been away for a few days, but am back home in my nest now, feeling renewed, whole and very, very good. Thank you for joining me here, at my blog – a blabbering of my thoughts which I love to share. – Deborah


Are you aligned with your desires? Do you even believe your desires are possible? If you have a medical label, do you believe in healing? Do you truly believe in the potential that your body is ‘healable’?

Do you believe that you have to go through hard & difficult things which may or may not be painful in order for your body to come back into balance?

Do you believe that within each cell of your being is the desire to be well? Do you receive that well-being, health, perfect alignment is your natural state of being?

Do you believe in spontaneous healing? Can you consider there are multiple ways for your body to feel better?

Do you believe that there is plenty….. really, really plenty, enormous, incredibly huge amounts of money in the world, constantly & consistently in circulation and flow…….going from one hand to another hand, to another all day, every day? Just think about it for a moment….consider how much money is flowing through society….consider how many times a ten-dollar bill is touched, exchanged, given, taken, paid, gifted? Can you consider that there are infinite ways for cash flow to come into your experience?

Do you believe that there is unexpected good here for you????……good experiences that you may not possibly even be able to consider……and they are right around the corner? Can you take a moment and sit with the thought…….‘unexpected good is here for me’?

What you believe in has a vibration, a resonance, a frequency – choose wisely.

I send you love,


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I have been contemplating………..perhaps the very best support we can give anyone is; 

  • I trust your judgement.
  • You are doing the best you can do.
  • I know you are trying your very best.
  • I believe in you.
  • I know you can do this.
  • You will figure this out.

Our ego, too many times, wants to do for others, wants to fix a situation, wants to make it all easier – and what does that do?  Doesn’t it take away, dis-empower the other soul to find their own way, to know themselves? Our ego is leading the way when all we want is to fix and do; really, so we feel better.

Even in difficult times, when challenges are great – to share with another – I trust your judgement, you have this.  Feel the energy this gives, as a total unconditional offering.

Years ago a family member was experiencing a severe low point in their life. I applied this belief – even when it was most difficult for me, I asked God for the support to step out-of-the-way and reinforce what i believed, what i know to be true; they too are a child of God, they too are made of the same God stuff I AM, they too…………………………..they do not see it right now, they do not feel it………………..but how will they ever know their own Truth, if someone else does not know it now?

When my son was in elementary school he had a difficult time with math and understanding fractions. I remember sitting there with him, seeing him totally lost, no connection at all….and I heard myself say – you will get this. Be patient. Let’s go over it again. You can do this. I was saying it for myself as much as for him! And then, wham! It landed and he got it! What a great moment.  I have never forgotten that experience, the words of faith that he could, that something in him could, was palpable for me. He is now 38, a numbers genius.

When we reinforce love with another human being soul, layers upon layers of pain can disperse, heal and lose power. When we pay attention to Love, to Truths; this is what we see, what we support, what we engage with.

Have you ever felt this way: so tightly wound, down, confused, sad, tired, etc. – and someone asks you a question, in the realm of helping, and you simply have no answer, and the question brings up defenses? Some days it simply is; just let me be, please, ask no questions. 

We each need time outs now and then. We each need to hear positive reinforcements. We each need someone who can tell us, you got this.

I have found, the most spectacular gift we can give anyone is to let them know; they are able, they can, that someone believes in them. There have been times when this has felt like magic – that from my personal deepest truths, my highest alignment, my knowing and having faith in the Universe and how IT works; I can easily have faith in another being to trust their process – no matter how different it is from mine.

I believe in you. I believe you have this. I know deep within you your answers reside. I know that all is possible in this Universe, and I know this for you. Having faith in God, means we can have faith in one another also.

You got this.

head shot looking down Rev. Deborah Evans Hogan – Spiritual Guide, Counselor, Master Energy Practitioner & Teacher.

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Now and then i offer short updates on my FB page, but yesterday and today’s energies require, or are rather calling, more from me….hence, i am sharing. My experience in sharing these fluid experiences are that i am never alone, and many others chime in as they appreciate knowing they also are not alone – as well as have words to put to their internal feelings.

In the past few months, the intensification of the releasing of ‘old’ has increased to a sometimes uncomfortable level of letting go. This has all taken place in relationships – which is simply a reflection of our relationship with our selves. As our vibration has continually shifted, we know, anything unlike it, anything not in harmony with our own energies has to leave, we have to separate from it, or it from us.

One would think that would leave us with less than…but the opposite is true.

Right now, presently, we are literally bursting at our own seams. All we have disconnected from; willingly and not; has increased our Self, our alignment, connection, awareness of True Essence, Source, Creator energy, Love. The feeling in the past 48 hours (7/29 – 7/31 / now) can feel like an old whiskey barrel, full up, and the seams are starting to spread, to open….or even imagine a room, and the 90 degree angles , the seams are beginning to spread, to open….the container can no longer contain.

This is us. You. Me.

Some are referring to it as the birthing process, and i understand – but the FEELING for me, is the seams…they are bursting open, slowly being stretched, the ‘container’ has no more room. It feels like a very, very slow process, but the level it has reached, the circumference of the space, the interior can hold no more. (Recently i am driving north often, seeking vistas, views, mountains, long and gorgeous outlooks – space.)

What happens then? I do not know – but what i feel and am told, is our actual experience of Oneness/Allness, communion with all we have dreamed, paid attention to, desired, wanted; is realized.  Yet, it does not look like our human mind would imagine; all we each want looks different; so the concepts each wipe each other out, bring them to zero, to peaceful fulfillment. I am told there are not as many souls as one would assume who have reached this time space reality; but the strength of the outcome will be so incredibly powerful, we will be undeniably united and draw such to one another.

This part right now, feels basically uncomfortable. A non belonging. No where to go or even be. So much has been dissolved, so many human connections dissolved; we look at our surroundings as a stranger. 

Yesterday nature was the only place to be to feel any solace. My joy came when i was outside reading and about 150 motorcycles went by our home, with police escort front and back. Such a loud, joyful, diverse, colorful sight! We get many bikes by our house, living on one of those pretty New England main roads that leads to more pretty places……but with so many, such a mix of hard core revved up Harley’s and then pink girl bikes! The joy was immense, the freedom was palpable, the intention was raw. It felt alive, authentic. I smiled and laughed – they just kept coming, and coming and coming……………………it was fabulous.

I remain uncomfortable, and okay, not fighting this phase, rather just being. Clients are coming and going quicker than ever.  The depths are where i am and go during a session is physically and dimensionaly spaces i have never experienced before – and i love it! The spaces feel SO good, so authentic, to true. Yet, for me, outside of doing my work i am like a lost puppy, which way do i go? Where is home? Who are you? Now, Home is only in the multiple dimension realty of Source – whoa! Anything or anywhere else is foreign. Hence, to be in that space all the time is the goal, intention and prayer. And when one is not, to simply be okay, patient and as self loving as possible. Walking between worlds and dimensions.

I send you love. I look forward to hearing from you.- Deborah Evans Hogan

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